Funeral Arrangement Conference

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Following the death of a loved one, members of the deceased's immediate family, his or her next-of-kin or the person responsible for handling the funeral, memorial service and/or interment will meet with a funeral director at an arrangement conference. During this meeting, the family will discuss with the funeral director the type of service and interment desired, when and where the service(s) should be held, and select the specific goods and/or services offered by the funeral provider, after receiving a copy of the firm's General Price List and exploring the many options available to personalize the deceased's funeral, memorial service and/or interment.

Generally, this meeting is conducted at a funeral home soon after the death occurs, but it can also be held at the family's home, a hospital, a hospice or some other caregiving facility. In addition, because the arrangement process typically takes several hours, it is not unusual for families to meet with a funeral director more than once to plan and finalize the services, at which point the deceased's legal representative will sign a legally binding contract for the goods and/or services the funeral provider will provide.

An arrangement conference is sometimes called an arrangements conference, arrangement/s meeting, or funeral arrangement/s.

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