4 Reasons to Get Help for Panic Disorder this Year

Make Getting Treatment Your Top Resolution

There is something very special about the start of a new year. It’s a great time to let go of the things in your life that are dragging you down and set new goals and intentions for your life. For those struggling with panic disorder and anxiety, the new year can be the perfect time to finally seek out the necessary help needed to get you back on track and better coping with your condition.

Start your new year out right and set a New Year's resolution for panic disorder.

Don’t let another year go by where you are forced to deal with fear, anxiety, and panic attacks on your own. Read ahead to learn about the top reasons to get help for panic disorder this year.

To Start Feeling Better

There is no guaranteed treatment method, pill, or book that can help you entirely rid yourself of the symptoms of panic disorder. However, numerous treatment options are available that can make your symptoms far more manageable. Through professional treatment, you may learn how to live a happy and fulfilling life while coping with panic disorder. 

Even though it may seem obvious that getting help can get you feeling better sooner, many people with panic disorder chose to suffer with the condition on their own.  This can be due to several different reasons from feelings of shame, to concerns of safety, and even uncertainty. Additionally, many myths about panic disorder have contributed to the stigma of this condition, which may contribute to your hesitation to seek help.

If you have been waiting to seek help, think about what personal thoughts or beliefs may be holding you back. Then remember that you don’t have to face your condition on your own. There are numerous professionals who treat panic disorder with empathy, care, and understanding. Call your doctor and make an appointment to discuss your symptoms and concerns.

To Find Support

Many people with anxiety disorders feel alone in their struggle. You may feel isolated as you try to deal with a condition that others don’t seem to understand. Even friends and family, with the best of intentions, may think that you can just “snap out of it” or that you are “just overreacting” to your everyday stressors.

The truth is that panic disorder is a diagnosable condition that warrants professional help. It is important to build your social support network as it can be a major help in overcoming panic disorder. Whether or not you have loved ones that are supportive of your recovery, your treatment team can become your biggest advocates. Additionally, the professionals you work with can also get you in contact with others that are dealing with similar issues.

By attending support groups and/or group therapy, you can work through your issues with the support of others who can relate to your struggle. Such groups are designed to provide a safe place to discover ways to cope with symptoms and share in setbacks and progress.

Once you have started treatment, ask your doctor or therapist how you can get involved in such support groups or group therapy.

To Have Better Relationships

Panic disorder can have a negative impact many aspects of your life, especially your relationships. If you feel that getting help for yourself is a sign of selfishness, think again. Getting treatment can make you a more present, making for a better partner, parent, relative, or friend. Plus, you can be a role-model to your loved ones, inspiring them with your courage to overcome panic disorder.

To Live a Better Life

Living with panic disorder does not have to be a constant struggle. Through professional help, you can learn to live with happiness and satisfaction despite your condition. Managing your panic disorder symptoms can help improve your mood, lower your anxiety, and even bolster your self-esteem. Ask yourself, “What do I really have to lose?” and make this your best year yet by getting the help you need and deserve. 

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