Get Organized This Month--With Less Stresss

January is a time when most people take stock of their lives and work on making positive changes. It's also the perfect time to get serious about getting organized. Why?

One reason is because January is National Clean Up Your Computer Month as well as National Get Organized Month. (In fact, both National Clean Off Your Desk Day and National Organize Your Home Day fell during this month as well--some people really want to help us get inspired to get organized!)

Another reason is that being organized can help you reduce stress. Clutter slowly and subtly drains you of energy when you're surrounded by it, as not only does it serve as a visual reminder of all the cleaning and organizing that needs to be done, but it can rob you of time as you search for lost items, and rob you of usable space in your home. (Read more about the hidden costs of clutter.)

Therefore, in the interest of stress relief (as well as all of those national observances), I'm bringing you a diverse group of stress relief resources that can help you organize your work space, keep your home clean, and more, from some of our top experts at

6 Ways Cleaning Can Help Relieve Stress

Cleaning while listening to music can help you relieve stress now and in the future.. Pascal Broze/Getty Images

 Cleaning, if done in a certain way, can actually serve to help relieve stress. Aside from the obvious stress that is relieved by maintaining a more organized environment, cleaning can save money, contribute to a feeling of greater abundance, and more.  Learn about how you can make your home beautiful and de-stress at the same time!

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Keep? Toss?  Here's How Long To Hold Onto Everything

Woman organizing book shelf
Hero Images/Getty Images

One of the most stressful aspects of becoming organized by culling clutter is making decisions on what should stay and go.  I know one of my biggest concerns is throwing something away that I'll need later, so I tend to keep things too long, contributing to unnecessary clutter.  That's why this guide can be so helpful for those wanting to declutter with minimal stress. 

Organize Your Desk--And Expand to Your Office

It's just easier to get things done with an organized desk.. Jonathan Kitchen/Getty Images

 Maintaining an organized workspace can save time and energy, and allow you to use that time and energy to be more productive and feel less stressed. It may take a little work on the front end, but you'll thank yourself every day for the sense of freedom you'll feel. Finally, if you tackle your desk and would like to expand the sphere of organization, here's what you need to know about organizing your entire home office.

Organization For Students

Absodels/Getty Images. Absodels/Getty Images

If your'e a parent, you know that disorganization can create stress for your student and for the rest of the family as well.  Lost assignments, sapped energy, and other fallout created by disorganization can create greater stress, and lead to irritability that affects everyone.  If you feel that clutter and disorganization in your student are causing the stress of school to become even greater than it needs to be, here are some ways to help your elementary schooler, your middle schooler, and your high schooler become more organized.  And if you're a college student or graduate student who wants greater organization in your schedule and space, we can help you, too!

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Get Organized With Your Tax Documents

Doing taxes can be easier. Here's what to do now.. Londoneye/Getty Images

 If you'd like to reduce tax season stress, now is the perfect time to start (or finish) organizing your tax documents. Here's a simple guide on how to organize, what to file, and basically how to create a more organized tax system.  If you'd like to save time and go paperless, here are some apps to organize receipts and expenses.

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