Getting Out and About with Twins

Tips for Getting Out and About with Twins

Young parents with baby twins
Getting out and about with twins.. Jade Brookbank/Digital Vision / Getty Images

Managing day-to-day activities is hard enough when you're a parent. But when you're a parent of twins, everyday responsibilities and errands can be even more challenging, particularly during the first few months. Just keeping them fed and clean is a full-time job, especially when you're functioning with minimal sleep. And just when you feel like you're coming up for air, it's time to head out. There are things to do, errands to run, provisions to purchase. 

That's where these helpful tips come in to play. Getting out and about with baby twins is no easy feat, but these hacks can help you make it work. 

Roll with It - The Importance of a Good Stroller for Twins

babies sleeping in double stroller
A good double stroller is necessary for getting out and about with twins.. Ruth Jenkinson / Dorling Kindersley / Getty Images

Step one of any successful outing is having the right equipment. Of course, you'll need two car seats if you're going to take your twins in a vehicle. But you'll make life much easier if you have a good double stroller for transporting your twins everywhere else. Even tiny babies feel heavy after you've been carrying two in your arms for a long while. 

A travel system double stroller is a great option for newborn twins, although it won't serve your needs once they get older. A travel system incorporates the infant carrier car seats into its stroller frame, so that you can move babies seamlessly from the house to the car to the stroller and back again. If you forgo a travel system in favor of a more traditional stroller style, you'll get a product that offers more longevity but isn't always accommodating to small infants who can't sit up securely. Look for a stroller that allows you to fold seats flat to create a space where newborns can rest comfortably. 

Get Packing - Carrying a Diaper Bag for Twins

mom with diaper bag
Packing a diaper bag with twins. Design Pics/Ron Nickel / Getty Images

Before twins, you probably carried a purse or maybe a backpack. Post twins, you're going to need a bigger bag... When you're on the go with two babies, there are a few things you'll want to keep handy. Depending on how long you're out, you'll need emergency reserves of food, diapers, extra clothing, toys, teeters, medication, and the like. Add all that times two, and you're carrying a big load. The trick to packing a diaper bag for twins is fitting it all in without breaking your back by packing too much. Here are some tips.

  • Use pockets. Keep important things accessible so that you can grab them quickly, things like your keys, your phone and the babies'  pacifiers. Look for clothing with pockets or utilize pockets on your bag.
  • Keep a car pack. There's a lot of stuff you need when you're out and about, but much of it is "in the event of" or "emergency" supplies. You don't have to carry it around with you every minute. Create a bag that can live in the car - you'll have it if you need it.
  • Restock. The last thing you want is to find yourself in the mall restroom, with two diaper blowouts and only ONE diaper. (Truly, a twin mom nightmare!)

Plan Your Itinerary - Efficiently Running Errands with Twins

shopping with twins
Moms find creative ways to get their shopping done with twins in tow.. Photo reprinted with permission of Cheryl Preston

Before twins, you could hop in the car and tool around town with nary a care. After twins, a simple errand run requires the logistical planning of a three-star general (and staff!) Not only do you have to aim for a narrow window in between naps, feedings and diaper changes, but you have to dodge pesky strangers who want to slow you down with questions and comments.  

So it's vital to have a plan that maximizes efficiency. Start with your most crucial errands first, and leave more optional tasks for last. That way you'll be more likely to cross priority items off your list. Group errands together; now is not the time to travel all over town chasing low prices or specialty items. Buy stamps at the grocery store; stock up on toiletries at the pharmacy when you pick up prescriptions. Seek out one-stop shopping, such as supermarket supercenters, or shopping centers with collections of stores, or discount stores that also sell groceries. 

Once you arrive, park strategically. Instead of looking for the parking spot closest to the entrance, park near the shopping cart return, preferably the spot next to it. That makes it easier to grab a cart while the twins remain in the car, and then transport them into the store already safely situated. 

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