Gift Bags for the Hospital Bag

Special Gifts for Your Hospital Bag

So you're looking for that extra special present for the mother-to-be in your life. Maybe you've got a baby shower coming up or maybe you're just trying to be nice... This is a collection of special kits designed to help mom through labor and birth by providing comfort measures to her while she labors. Which is your favorite?


This kit has everything you need for a good rub down! The Lucky Legs is great for an energizing leg massage. You've got the Boob Tube to help your breasts stay soft, even when they are a bit sore. The Gorgeous Glow is a great face wash. That really helps you feel fresh and alert. The Tummy Rub Butter is also a nice way to help keep calm and focused.


This nice little gift has some tea for sipping, some of the best smelling body butter ever made for rubbing, and a few other items. The Happy Mama body wash would be great for a post-birth shower. And there is a spray that smells great to hide the smell of an unfamiliar place. These are all travel sized, so perfect for the labor bag. It's also toxin-free, no petroleum, mineral oils, or Vitamin E.


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