Gift Basket Ideas for Tweens

Create a personalized gift basked for your tween, here's how

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Gift giving can be fun when you're shopping for a tween, and gift giving can also be a little creative when you're buying for an older child. If you're looking for gift ideas for your tween, or for another preteen, consider bundling a few presents together and presenting the child with a themed gift basket. Gift baskets are fun to put together and are lots of fun for the recipient. Be sure to find a theme that matches your tween's personality and interests, and then put it all together in a pretty container.

Gift basket wrap can be purchased at your local dollar store, as can pretty bows and other wrapping accessories. 

Below are a few gift basket ideas, all with tweens in mind. They're prefect for birthdays, the holidays, or another important event.

Game Night Basket: Your tween will have hours and hours of fun with a game night gift basket. Fill your container with games of all kinds -- cards, Twister, computer games, travel games, crossword puzzles, and anything else that you think you tween will love. Add some game night snacks, such as popcorn, peanuts and a few cans of soda so that your tween's game night is complete. Be sure to include a coupon good for "One Family Game Night" that your tween can cash in for a fun evening at home.

Miniatures Basket: Many tweens love anything in miniature, so why not assemble a basket with just miniatures in mind? You can build a beautiful basket with miniature lotions, candles, figurines, tea cups, stuffed animals, board games, or miniature sport items, such as volleyballs, or basketballs.

You might even consider a miniature card to go along with the theme.

Foodie Basket: If your child is all about food, this basket should be super simple to assemble. Just collect a few of your child's favorite foods, and add a cookbook, a few gift cards to local restaurants, and pull it all together with a fun basket and card.

Be sure to include some fun foods or international foods you know your tween hasn't tried yet. You can find fun food items at kitchen supply stores or international markets.

Ticket Basket: A ticket basket is a great way to encourage your tween to get out of the house and have a little fun with family or friends. Purchase tickets or gift cards to events such as the movies, the local skating rink, a theatre production, a concert, or even an amusement park. Be sure the tickets are good all year long, so your tween can pace himself and really enjoy all of the experiences. 

Sports Team Basket: Many tweens are super excited about sports and about the teams they follow and support. Consider putting a basket together that reflects your tween's sporting interest. Basket items could include a stadium blanket, tickets to a game, reusable water bottles with a team logo, or posters and decorations for your tween's bedroom. 

Other Gift Basket Ideas: If the ideas above don't work for you or your tween, consider assembling a gift basket of art supplies for the artist, spa supplies for the girly girl, or camping equipment for the tween who loves the outdoors.

Other theme ideas for gift baskets could include chocolate and candy, music, hair accessories, and craft kits. 

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