Gift Ideas for Baby's First Easter Basket

cloth easter baskets
Cloth easter baskets are safe for babies. Flickr

It's so much fun to celebrate your baby's milestones, and that includes holidays. Commemorate your baby's first Easter with a basket stuffed with fun presents. If you can't figure out what to tuck into their basket, you aren't alone. Peanut butter eggs might be great for you, but what about baby?

Your baby might not be old enough for candy just yet (you can still get peanut butter eggs and other sweets for yourself), but there are plenty of other great goodies you can put inside baby's first Easter basket:

Baby Easter Basket Goodies

  • Snacks. If your baby is finger feeding, include teething biscuits, baby crackers or other finger foods. Gerber's Graduates Puffs make tasty treats.
  • Mesh food feeders. Mesh food feeders are wonderful ways to encourage self-feeding. Your baby can enjoy fresh fruits or veggies without fear of choking. Try the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder.
  • Small stuffed animals
  • Easter or spring themed board books
  • Floral headbands or hair accessories
  • Colorful, developmentally appropriate toys
  • Wooden blocks
  • Rubber duck bath set
  • Baby clothes with bunnies, ducks, chicks or lambs
  • A monogrammed baby Easter basket
  • Bubbles are always a family favorite Easter basket gift for our babies -- just make sure you supervise that bubble blowing

How to Assemble an Easter Basket:

  • Choose a basket. A straw basket that could poke and prod probably isn't the best choice for a baby, so look for a basket that suits little ones. There are lots of baskets that are made with quilted fabric and other soft materials. You could also use something you need like a baby bathtub as a "basket."
  • Create a theme. If you're at a complete loss as to what to put in your basket, follow a theme. You could center the basket around something Easter-themed like eggs, baby animals or something springtime-y. You could also follow a theme that incorporates a certain animal or storybook character.
  • Line the basket. Fake Easter grass, whether it's made of paper or plastic, isn't a good idea for curious babies prone to putting things in their mouths. You could simply not line the basket or use a soft blanket or layered burp cloths.
  • Add practical goodies. Snacks are an easy way to introduce your baby to different flavors. Cereal and crackers are both great. Fill the basket with age-appropriate toys with fun colors and textures. If your baby is teething, add a binky that you can pop in the freezer. Include a baby-proof board book. You can never go wrong with essentials like clothing, shoes, sippy cups and other wares.

And last but not least, don't forget to snap that perfect picture of your little one by his or her Easter basket! 

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