Gift Ideas for Someone With Social Anxiety Disorder

Ten Gifts to Give to Someone With SAD

When choosing a gift for someone with social anxiety disorder (SAD), your decision will likely be influenced by how well you know the person. What might be appropriate for a close friend or family member may not suit a coworker.

Below are some gift suggestions. In general, look for items that help to increase confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, or bring you and the other person closer.


Self-help books can be helpful for social anxiety.
Buy someone with social anxiety a self-help book. Photo courtesy of Microsoft

Book ideas might include self-help, true stories about SAD, or fictional accounts. Whether or not a book is an appropriate gift will depend on how open the recipient is about having the disorder.



Jazz up the wardrobe of a person with social anxiety.
Fun clothes can be a good gift for a socially anxious person. Getty / Stone / Multi-Bits

A new outfit can sometimes give confidence a boost. Choose something a little bolder than what the person might normally wear. If you aren't comfortable choosing a clothing item, instead give a gift certificate to a clothing store.


Buy lavendar as a gift for someone with anxiety.
Lavendar is used to treat social anxiety. Getty / The Image Bank / Victoria Pearson

Give the gift of scent: lavender is a popular essential oil used as part of aromatherapy. Lavender has been shown to help reduce anxiety and stress.

Exercise DVDs

Exercise DVDs can be a great gift for someone with social anxiety.
Exercise can help relieve social anxiety. Photo courtesy of Microsoft

Physical exercise in the form of yoga and tai chi can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Consider giving an exercise DVD that features one of these forms of exercise.


Give a journal as a gift to manage your anxiety.
A journal to help calm anxiety can be a great gift. Courtesy of Etsy / CallHerHappy

An empty journal is a great gift for that hard-to-buy-for person. Journals can be used in many ways, and may encourage the person with social anxiety disorder to write down her feelings.

Someone going through cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for social anxiety disorder might even use the journal to help record negative thoughts and how they were dealt with.



Give the gift of an experience to someone with social anxiety disorder.
Tickets to an event can be a good gift for someone with social anxiety disorder. Getty / Science Photo Library / KTS Design

Buying for someone you know well? Consider giving tickets to the theater or a concert and then go with him. Ticket gifts are an easy way to make plans with someone who might otherwise find an excuse not to go.

Stress Ball

A stress ball can make a great gift.
A stress ball can help to relieve anxiety. Getty / WestEnd61

Popular in an office environment, the stress ball is a great gift idea for a coworker with social anxiety.

Chamomile Tea

Give chamomile tea as a gift for someone with social anxiety.
Chamomile tea can soothe social anxiety. Getty / Tetra Images

If the person on your list is a tea drinker, consider giving a gift basket with chamomile teas. Though yet to be scientifically proven, chamomile is thought to aid in relaxation.

Stress Relief Games

Give a sudoku book to an anxiety sufferer as a gift.
Sudoku can help to relieve stress. Getty / The Image Bank / Philip Lee Harvey

Games that require concentration and thought can help to take the mind off of anxiety. Crossword or Sudoku books are a great stocking stuffer or gift for a coworker.

Relaxation CDs

Give a relaxation CD to someone with social anxiety disorder.
A relaxation CD can be a great gift. Getty / Stone / Commercial Eye

You have probably heard of relaxation CDs that feature sounds of the rainforest or ocean. Relaxation CDs might also include those promoting hypnotherapy, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, or calming music.

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