Gift Ideas for the Preteen Girl

If you're buying for a preteen girl, consider these fun gift suggestions

If there's a birthday, holiday or another event on the horizon you might be in the position of having to buy gifts for tween girls. Tween girls can be finicky, but that doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune trying to please them. When thinking about gifts for tween girls, put yourself in their shoes for a minute or two, in order to figure out what they might like to have. If you draw a blank, consider the following ideas to get you started.

A Good Craft Book

Hobbies provide plenty of inspiration when shopping for gifts for tween girls.
A craft book is just one idea when shopping for gifts for tween girls. Photo courtesy of Workman Publishing

A crafting project is a great way to keep a tween girl entertained on a rainy day, or when there's nothing else to do. Crafts are also great for traveling and can be fun for trips, or sleepover parties. A crafting book can introduce a tween to a new hobby, and well written craft books make great gifts for tween girls. There are numerous books on the market that can teach a girl to knit, crochet, draw, or learn a new skill. If your tween is interested in paper-folding, Origami on the Go! by Margaret Van Sicklen features 40 paper-folding projects, complete with instructions, diagrams, and 100 sheets of colorful paper. Projects include instructions for folding a giraffe, a mummy, a wallet, a turtle, a Chinese opera hat, and many more.

Other girl gift ideas include a magazine subscription and personalized stationery.
Perfume, makeup and stylish accessories make for great girly girl gift ideas.

Not every girl is a girly girl, but for those who are there are numerous gift options. Think spa, fashion, and accessories for these girls. Oh, and jewelry, of course.


Gadget Gifts

Gadgets are an option when shopping for gifts for tween girls. Photo courtesy of

Tweens know their technology, and while you may have trouble keeping up with all they know you can easily find great gifts for tween girls in the gadget department of your tween's favorite on-line store. If your tween is addicted to her iPad, consider an iPad carrying case. Or, consider a nice pair of earplugs so she can listen to music without disrupting those around her.  

A Gift for a Cause

Gifts that support a cause make great gifts for tween girls.
When shopping for gifts for tween girls think about gifts that support a cause. Photo courtesy of

Many tweens are socially aware, and would appreciate a gift that supports a worthy cause. If you're having trouble finding gifts for tween girls, consider the causes they support and you'll find inspiration. For example, for girls who love animals, consider the Adopt a Species program from the World Wildlife Fund. With this gift, girls will receive an adoption certificate, a plush animal representing their adoptive species, and other materials supporting their cause. Or, check out the products from This site offers a selection of cute and colorful handbags, backpacks, and coin/accessory purses for girls, all hand-constructed by rescued women and children who are survivors of human trafficking.

A Gift That Makes a Statement

Any list of gifts for tween girls should include a gift or two that makes a statement. Photo courtesy of

Do the tween girls in your life have strong opinions? Probably so, so why not use their opinions to find a great gift? You can encourage your tween to be smart, proud, and strong with a little encouragement. To find gifts that make a statement, check out Sticker Sisters, for t-shirts, buttons, shoelaces, and other gifts that sport positive messages like "Girls Rock" and "Girls Can Do Anything." Prices are reasonable, and these gifts for tween girls are a nice alternative to what you'd find at a big box retailer.

A Little Entertainment

Movies make for fun gifts for tween girls. Pick a movie with actors your tween knows from her favorite television shows. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox

There's nothing like a good movie or two with the girls on Friday night to make a tween happy. Look for movies that feature teenage females leads, and stars that your daughter knows well from her favorite television shows. Comedies are always a hit, or even something that's a little romantic.

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