Give The Special Mom In Your Life The Perfect Gift

Everyone loves giving gifts to babies, but we shouldn't forget giving gifts to mothers as well. We don't even need a special occasion to give gifts to mothers, although birthdays and holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are great times to get mom a gift from baby.

So besides naps, a gallon of coffee, and the world's longest massage, what are some gift ideas for mothers? When looking for gifts for mom, you could pick somethings that considers her own interests or nurtures the mother-baby relationship. You know mom better than anyone, so pick your gift accordingly.

These gift ideas are sure to please, and although they're perfect accompanied by a nice card that says, "Love, Baby," anyone could give these gifts.


Kate Spade clutch detail
A model poses, clutch detail, at the Kate Spade New York presentation during Spring New York Fashion Week. Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images

For the new mom who's just endured 9 months of carrying a baby or a long adoption process, why not give a new mom a gift that pampers or indulges? Fancy chocolates, pedicures, chic handbags and gift certificates all send a message of appreciation to a new mom.

Present the gift from baby by attaching a cute card with baby's photo and a note that mentions how thankful the little one is for enduring the long wait until their arrival.


For the Shutterbug: A High-Quality Smartphone Camera

Smartphone camera
Woman showing smartphone camera feature. Getty/Moment Mobile Collection/Angelo González

Many moms who have a passion for taking pictures of their baby would appreciate a high-quality smartphone camera. Going to the park? No need to lug baby, baby gear, phone and photography equipment along.

A smartphone with great camera quality saves moms from having to carry around one more thing, and nearly every smartphone boasts an impressive camera and amount of megapixels, so finding a quality smartphone is easy.

For the Bookworm: E-readers

The Amazon tablet called the Kindle Fire
The Amazon tablet called the Kindle Fire. Getty Images North America/Spencer Platt

One thing many moms may find as the family grows is that she needs to make room for all those baby toys and other items that quickly accumulate. Why not give her a gift that helps save space and be highly useful? An e-reader, like the iPad, Kindle or Nook, makes a terrific gift for mom who is an avid reader, but is finding that her bookshelves are filling up with board books and nursery rhymes.

For the Amateur Chef: Herbs

Herb garden
Mini herb gardens. Pixabay/cocoparisienne

For the mom who is a culinary whiz in the kitchen, consider a mini herb garden she can use in all of her meals. Fresh herbs add just the right flavor to any meal, and any mom who is a savvy chef would appreciate a gift that helps enhance her cooking. You could also gift her an herb keeper, an herb and spice cookbook or kitchen tools for herbs, like mincers.

For the One Who Likes to Sparkle: Jewelry

pearl and diamond bracelet
A pearl and diamond bracelet gift. Pixabay/Esperanxa

You can never go wrong with a great piece of jewelry. Lots of moms would absolutely love to receive a gift that glitters and gleams upon opening it. Jewelry can be a very special gift. It often has great sentimental value and can become a family heirloom.

A Self-Care Subscription Box

Tara Pringle Jefferson/The Bloom Beautifully Box

Self-care is so hard for mothers to remember and honestly, when a mother takes time to care for herself, it's a gift that gives to the entire family. Stress and exhaustion affects everyone in the family and because a mother gives so much time and energy to others, it's crucial that she takes the time she needs to feel refreshed and energized. 

One wonderful idea to give a mother a special gift but also inspire her to take time for self-care is a subscription box that will deliver self-care essentials for ​mind, body, and soul, like books, tea, snacks, and expert advice. 

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