Gifted Kids' Bill of Rights 2

Bill of Rights
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Parents of gifted kids know how misunderstood their kids often are. Those misunderstandings can lead to gifted children suffering academically, socially, and emotionally. Perhaps if gifted kids had their own Bill of Rights, people might better understand our kids. Two people have written a Bill of Rights for Gifted Children. One Bill of Rights was written by Melissa Lingen. A second one was written by Del Siegle.

Here's an overview of the rights he believes gifted children should have.

Siegle says gifted children have the right to:

  1. Know about their giftedness
  2. Learn something new everyday
  3. Be passionate about their talent area without apologies
  4. Have an identity beyond their talent area
  5. Feel good about their accomplishments
  6. Make mistakes
  7. Seek guidance in the development of your talent
  8. Have multiple peer groups and a variety of friends
  9. Choose which of their talent areas they wish to pursue
  10. Not to be gifted at everything

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