Gifts for Babies 3 to 6 Months

About the time your baby turns three months old, you’ll begin to notice changes in her physical development. With those abilities comes a shift in her interest in baby toys. She’s beginning to interact with the world around her and many different types of baby toys will capture her attention. Gifts for babies of this age should reflect their new abilities and interests. 

Mirrored Toys Make Great Gifts for Babies

Gifts for babies
Mirrored toys make great gifts for babies aged 3 to 6 months. Manhattan Toy

If you are looking for a present that is more than a toy that will take up space and instead is developmentally appropriate, consider giving a mirrored toy. You'll find that mirrored toys will have your baby gazing contentedly at her reflection or giggling wildly at the infant staring back at her.

One of my favorite mirrored toys is the Baby-Ville Roly-Poly Cone Mirror put out by Manhattan Toy. What I like about this particular toy is that works very well during tummy time. Some babies just do not tolerate tummy time well, and the cone-shape of this mirror lends itself well to floor time. Additionally, on the sides of the cone are 6 different baby photographs which focus on different facial expressions.

Play Gyms and Play Mats Ideal for Building Motor Skills

Gifts for babies
Play gyms are ideal gifts for babies. Price Grabber

A gift that parents might appreciate just as much as the infant will is a well-designed play gym. These mats create a safe playing surface that will entertain your baby as she uses her skills to reach for dangling objects or practice baby-push ups . While your baby is entertained, you might find a few stolen moments to get those last minute things done.

One play gym which is particularly well-reviewed is the Fisher-Price 1 2 3 Rainforest Musical Play Gym. This play mat incorporates materials of different material textures, several hanging toys, and lights and sounds to stimulate your baby. It's a toy that also will be used for several months as it can be used for back lying, tummy time, or sitting up.

More tummy time toys.

Moving Toys Enhance Eye Tracking Skills

Gifts for babies
Moving toys build visual skills. Price Grabber

If you are looking for an entertaining toy that might be a little gentler on the waller, take a look at smaller, moving toys. Toys that can scootch across the floor or roll by your child's line of vision help develop visual tracking skills. By 3 months objects are no longer a distant blur, and babies can focus and track objects with their eyes. This makes moving toys both fun and educational for babies. Though younger babies will need someone to help play with them, they are worth every penny.

A delightful example of a moving toy perfect for babies is the Plan Toys Roller. This simple design may seem plain, but it certainly does the job of activating your baby's senses. It also serves a colorful, rattling toy as well.

Hand-held Gifts for Babies

baby gifts
Teethers and rattles are practical baby gifts. Price Grabber

A simple and practical gift for babies who are beginning to master grasping skills are rattles and teethers. These hand-toys enhance fine motor skills and body reflexes.

Both of my daughter's loved their First Years Massaging Action Teether. When they chomped down on one of the tips of the star, their little gums were massaged. Not only was this toy extremely helpful during the misery of teething, but also when they were between cutting teeth. The oral stimulation met one of their sensory needs and the attached rattle on the opposite end was music to their little ears as well.

Multi-Sensory Toys

Gifts for Babies
Consider buying gifts for babies that build motor skills. Price Grabber

Toys that are made to entertain babies through more than one of the senses are also ideal presents. When purchasing toys, you might want to ask yourself if the toy is visually appealling, incorporates different textures for touching and for chewing, makes interesting sounds, and can be easily grasped by the baby. These toys may turn out to be the ones that are most fascinating to babies.

Alex Toys Tug Fish is a perfect example of toys that feed in to babies' developing senses. What's more - it's a toy that will entertain them throughout the first year and possibly into the second.

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