Gifts for Pregnancy Loss, Miscarriage and Stillbirth

12 Gifts for Pregnancy Loss and Stillbirth

If you know someone who has lost a baby to miscarriage or stillbirth, you may want to do something special to remember their baby. Some of these gifts are meant to wear, others can hold a sacred space in another location such as a garden.

Bloom in Heaven Necklace

Bloom in Heaven Necklace
Photo © Little Angels Memory

This lovely necklace includes a disc that reads: Planted on Earth to Bloom in Heaven. A second disc has a gorgeous tree layered over the first. Underneath the tree, you can have a small icon hidden to represent your baby. The site provides options but the default is a set of footprints. It comes with an 18-inch chain but you can request something different or even add a birthstone.

Memorial Cuff Bracelet

Hope of My Heart Cuff Bracelet
Photo © Hope of My Heart

This sterling silver cuff bracelet is perfect for the person wishing to have a hidden remembrance. You can customize the inside of the bracelet including a sentiment and/or your baby's information. This cuff bracelet is 7 millimeters wide and 6 inches long so it will fit most adult wrists, by opening and closing.

Angel Necklace

Angel Necklace
Photo © Bugaboo Jewelry

This copper necklace is stamped with the words "Angel Baby."  The necklace resembles a slight blooming flower. It also comes with a dangling Swarovski white pearl. It comes on an 18-inch necklace. You can customize the words and upgrade to a silver chain if you desire. This sweet little necklace can be as simple or as explicit in your memory as you desire.

Empty Cradle Sculpture

Empty Cradle Sculpture
Photo © The Midnight Orange

This sculpture is designed to show a mother and a father grieving over their empty cradle in a supportive hug. This is a combination of wooden cradle and sculpture. It is a very limited edition. You can also order it with just the mother.

Angel Plaque

Angel Plaque
Photo © CraftyCreations81

This 5-by-7-inch plaque comes in a variety of colors and has many customizable features including the angel wings and background. This might be used to go on the outside of a memory box, on the wall, in a garden or any other place.

Footprint Necklace

Footprint Pendant
Photo © Bugaboo Jewelry

This simple glass pendant is completely made for you - meaning almost any part can be customized. You can even include your baby's actual hand or footprints, photos, and the words of your choice. It comes with an 18-inch chain.

Loss Cards

Pregnancy Loss Cards
Photo © A Loss Remembered

A Loss Remembered offers a variety of cards to send to someone who has experienced a loss. Some are geared towards an early pregnancy miscarriage, while others specifically call out twins, or are for the birthday of a baby born still. These are simple and meaningful cards.

Angel Sculpture

Mother and Angel Baby Sculpture
Photo © The Midnight Orange

This sculpture of a mother holding an angel baby is a bit lighter than some of the other sculptures and may reflect where you are in the grief process. This sweet sculpture comes in pink, blue any other color. There are also multiple poses available.

Personalized Baby Block

Personalized Baby Block
Photo © Elephant Tales

This very attractive block with its light colors is a very sweet remembrance. There is a very sweet poem on one side and the baby's details on the others.

Custom Engraved Stone

Custom Engraved Stone
Photo © Monkey Jewels

A personalized stone makes a nice remembrance.  You can even choose which type of stone you'd like. These are great for gardens.

Angel Baby Keepsake Box

Angel Keepsake Box
Photo © Always With Me

This angel baby keepsake box is designed to be a place to store memories. It can hold cards, locks of a baby's hair, clothes. etc.. While this image is an angel-themed box, they will make you nearly any size or shape box you want.


These seeds are easily sown calendula plants.They are labeled for those in grieving with: "Plant with hope.  From the soil of ef life blooms anew..."

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