Gifts for Pregnant Women

Gift giving occasions come up all year long, be it a birthday, Christmas, or just because you want to give a gift. Some people also chose to shower a mother-to-be at a baby shower rather than her baby. This gift guide has something for everyone, from the mother who just found out about her pregnancy to the mom who is ready to give birth and everyone in between.

When you ask a pregnant woman what she wants, she may not think of the perfect body pillow, but when you ask women who have been recently pregnant what they'd give a pregnant woman? This is what the vast majority answered. The Snoogle is the best selling body pillow on Amazon. It supports your whole body, not just parts. The cover is removeable and washable, as well as replaceable. 

Every mom-to-be needs some pampering. This  welcome gift of safe pregnancy products is a great start. Here you have Happy Mama Body Wash, Morning Wellness Spray, Earth Mama Body Butter, Natural Stretch Oil, and Organic Morning Wellness Tea. What's nice is that the Earth Mama Angel Baby label works hard to ensure 100% honest labeling. These items are toxin-free, made without synthetic fragrance, phthalates or parabens and no petroleum products, mineral oil or Vitamin E. They are naturally gluten-free and vegan. They also make some really awesome baby products.

Another pregnancy staple is the Bellaband. This come in multiple sizes and colors. It's designed to help hold your pants up before you move to maternity clothes, or it can be used to provide a bit extra coverage for your belly. There are multiple ways to wear it. In fact, it's also great postpartum, helping to cover your belly as you move back into your cloths. It's 84% nylon and 16% cotton. This makes it machine washable. Be sure to get at least two.

This Frame holds a 5-inch by 4-inch photo, usually of an ultrasound photo. It is made of wood but has mirror cut outs. This will go on a wall as it comes with wall hangers, but it also has an easel should you want to put it on a dresser.

This isn't your typical pregnancy book. Can you have a coffee table pregnancy book? If so, this is it. This book goes into great detail about how a baby is developing and growing. It includes the anatomy of both male and female and spends a lot of time showing how the female body adjusts to grow a baby. This also comes with a DVD featuring these animations.

Want a unique and tangible way to commemorate your pregnancy or just to stay on track? This 44 week calendar will help. It's got prompts and sticker guides to help you figure out what you should be tracking. There is also a space for the basic journaling and even some medical information. The edges are wire bound to keep it together and useable. The calendar is undated for you to add your own unique dates.

This is a Willow Tree figurine and is a part of a larger set. Each can be individually purchased. Pregnancy is a great time to start this collection. This figurine is about 8.5" tall. It comes with a gift box and card. These are designed by artist Susan Lordi.

A baby's ears have formed and the baby can hear as early as 20 weeks into pregnancy. This system allows you to play music or talk and direct that sound gently towards the baby in the uterus. This kit comes with the special ear buds with adhesive, an audio splitter, storage pouch, and a free music download.

Don't laugh but I did include these on the gift guide, adding an inch to your pants can be the difference between your regular clothes and maternity clothes. This is a great gift for the newly pregnant mom, but it also comes in handy postpartum when trying to get back into your old clothes. This just adds to your current button without any sewing

This is an amplifier so that you can hear the baby in your uterus. You can hear the heartbeat, kicks, hiccups. The set includes two sets of earbuds so two people can listen at one time. You also get a free personalized album with music using your child's name.


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