20 Perfect Gifts for the Outdoor Fitness Enthusiast

Top Gifts for the Outdoor Fitness Nut

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Laura Williams

People who enjoy - nay, live for - outdoor workouts are a bit of a different breed. You may find them busting their butts in an outdoor boot camp in 100 degree weather or braving the frigid winter weather for a snowshoeing excursion with their dog. They don't mind the potential challenges Mother Nature might throw at them, as long as they get to breathe in the fresh air while trying their hand at stand up paddleboarding or obstacle course racing.

If you know someone who wants to spend all day, everyday in the great outdoors while embracing adventure and activity, consider buying one of the following gifts. They'll love you for it.

1 Voice Bluetooth Beanie

1 Voice Beanie
1 Voice

You've heard of wireless Bluetooth headphones, but how 'bout a wireless Bluetooth beanie? Your favorite cold weather adventurer will love being able to walk, jog, ski and sled while listening to his or her favorite music and keeping his or her ears warm with the 1 Voice Bluetooth Enabled Beanie ($59 to $69 depending on style). It's a cool concept that really works. Just slip the beanie on over your head (one size fits all!), connect it to your smartphone and start listening to your favorite tunes.

Pelican Sport Wallet

Pelican Wallet

Just because your best friend spends much of his time wandering around in the wild, that doesn't mean he's immune to needing worldly things like money and credit cards. By giving him a wallet designed to stand up to a few beatings, you're basically protecting his financial future. How could he not love you for that. The Pelican 0955 Sport Wallet ($30) features an easy-open late with a water and dust-resistant seal. It's small enough to fit in a pocket, but big enough to hold a driver's license, credit cards and keys.

Pacific Northwest Outdoor Mystery Books

Pacific Northwest Mysteries
Kate Dyer-Seeley

If you've got an outdoor-loving friend who also happens to be a bit of a bookworm (add me to that list!), consider picking up the three Pacific Northwest outdoor mysteries written by Kate Dyer-Seeley and published by Kensington Publishing. The mass market paperback books make perfect stocking stuffers at just $8 each, and in addition to exciting, page-turning mysteries, they include adventure guides to help readers plan their own Pacific Northwest trips.

Women's New Balance Nighttime Fitness Apparel

New Balance Outdoor Night Gear
New Balance

Exercising outside, particularly during the short days of winter, means exercising in the dark. Protect your favorite female athlete by giving the gift of gear designed to keep her warm and visible. The New Balance Beacon Jacket ($200) features highly-visible glow-in-the-dark fabric that literally glows after being exposed to direct light for 10 minutes. Plus, it's water resistant, wind resistant and has additional visibility features like day-glo yellow fabric and reflective trim. It's the perfect nighttime layering piece to throw on over a long sleeve wicking tee and a pair of cold-weather leggings like the New Balance Heat Tights ($80). The tights' microfleece and NB Heat technology are guaranteed to keep her legs warm even during the chilliest of winter workouts.

Men's Brooks Nighttime Fitness Apparel

Brooks Outdoor Nighttime Gear

It's not just the ladies that deserve to be seen - guys need glowing night gear, too. The Brooks Running Bolt men's jacket ($140) may look like a semi-fitted professional pinstriped jacket, but those pinstripes? They actually light up with a retroreflectivity that's practically invisible in daylight but that stands out at night. Plus, the jacket offers wind- and water-resistance to help your favorite guy block out the tough chill of Mother Nature's winter months.

To completely suit up your guy from head to toe, add a pair of Brooks Running Seattle Tights ($165) to your shopping list. They're called Seattle Tights for a reason - they're actually wind and waterproof, guaranteed to provide breathable and chafe-free protection from the elements even during the coldest and wettest of winter nights. My husband is head-over-heels for his pair - he wears them for practically every outdoor workout he pursues.

Feetures! Limited Edition Holiday Stripe Socks

Feetures! Limited Edition Holiday Socks

A tough workout needs tough socks, and nothing beats the comfort and performance of Feetures! HIgh Performance socks ($12 a pair). The seamless toe and moisture-managing fibers help prevent blisters and keep feet dry, even during tough outdoor workouts. Plus, these limited edition holiday stripe socks are just so much fun - stuff a couple pairs in a stocking as an extra "I love you" this winter.



Both men and women can further light up the night by wearing PowerSpurz on their shoes when heading out for a nighttime workout. At just $20, the LED safety bands attach to shoes or can be worn around the arms and provide 70 hours of continuous light or 100 hours of pulsing light. They even come with batteries, so you don't have to buy them separately! These are the perfect "extra" gift to round out a package of presents for the outdoor enthusiast.

Penny's Longboards

Penny Longboards
Penny Skateboards

Longboarding isn't just for kids! In fact, skateboarding is a great mode of transportation and a cardio workout, to boot. In fact, skating on flat terrain can burn between eight and 12 calories per minute (that's similar to the rate burned while running) while enhancing balance and core strength. If you have a friend who loves board sports of all kinds, consider buying him or her a Penny's Longboard. These sturdy, 36-inch boards are made of flex plastic and come in a variety of bold colors and styles. See that one featured in the image? That's actually a glow-in-the-dark board - how fun is that?!

Don't mistake "plastic board" for "cheap construction." Penny's boards are incredibly sturdy (much sturdier than I assumed they'd be) and offer a smooth, fast ride. You can pick up a board on sale for $112 (normally priced at $160) or buy a special Christmas pack that includes a longboard, backpack and hat for $130.

Crossrope Indoor/Outdoor Jump Rope Sets

Crossrope Indoor/Outdoor Jump Rope Sets

It's no secret that I'm a die-hard fan of Crossrope's interchangeable jump rope systems. They're one of my go-to pieces of equipment for cross training workouts, and I take them with me practically everywhere I go. The only drawback I've ever noted for the product is that the original, vinyl-coated ropes wear down when you use them outside.

Well, guess what? That's a concern no more! Crossrope now has a number of rope systems made with material that withstands outdoor wear and tear. These systems, namely their Starter Set ($69) and Bolt Set ($59) offer the same high-quality materials as the original ropes, but provide greater flexibility for the athlete who wants to take his or her workout outside. The Starter Set is perfect for the person looking to take on a jump rope fitness regimen (it includes the Rugged Handles, a 1/4-pound Agility rope and a 1-pound Intensity rope) while the Bolt Set offers speed ropes for the athlete looking to master double unders.

Great Sunglasses

Nike and Under Armour Sunglasses
Under Armour/Nike Vision

Eyes need stellar protection all year long, not just during the summer, and the holidays are the perfect time to gift a new pair of sunglasses to your favorite person. I love the fashionable square design and adjustable nose pad of the Under Armour Align ($99), which makes them perfect for the gal who wants to look great while protecting her peepers. That said, the square frame does sit out further from the face, allowing more light to seep in from the sides. If you know someone who needs greater peripheral protection during snow sports or cycling, the Nike Show X2 ($156 to $176) is a sporty and effective pair of unisex sunglasses that deliver protection and comfort. THe super lightweight frame makes them especially comfortable, as does the adjustable, ventilated nose. Both pairs of sunglasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection

Thule Urban Glide

Thule Urban Glide Stroller

New parents don't have to let little ones cramp their outdoor adventures - they just need the right stroller so they can take their children on the road. The Thule Urban Glide ($400) is the perfect multi-use stroller for new parents. The front wheel swivels for maneuverability when running errands, but locks in place when you're ready to break into a jog.

The Thule stroller has rocked stroller review websites, often edging out perennial jogging-stroller favorites like the BOB. Functional features like the lightweight design and adjustable ergonomic handlebar make it perfect for parents of all sizes, and the multi-position canopy and reclining padded seat address many of the needs parents have when considering sun, shade and nap time for their children.

All Good Essentials Kit

All Good Essentials
All Good

Chapped lips, beat up hands and sore muscles are ailments all too common to the outdoor fitness junkie. Give them a little comfort with the All Good Essentials Gift Set ($30). The set includes the All Good Original SPF 15 Lip Balm to prevent cracked lips, All Good Herbal Freeze to ease muscle pain and tenderness, All Good Goop to help hydrate and heal rough or cracked skin and the All Good Organic Hand Sanitizer to, you know, sanitize hands. All of the products are 100% organic and made from sustainably sourced ingredients. They're also hypo-allergenic, gluten free, vegan and only tested on humans.

In other words, they're all good. Who wouldn't want a set to throw in their gym bag or outdoor pack?

Cairn Outdoor Subscription Box

Cairn Subscription Box

Give the gift that keeps on giving with the first-to-market outdoor subscription box service, Cairn ($25 per box). Each month Cairn delivers a box of 4-5 curated outdoor products including everything from gear and apparel to skincare and snacks. The total retail price of the boxed goodies ranges from $35 to $40, so it's a great deal, and the surprise of finding out what's in the box is always a fun experience. When you gift Cairn, you can choose to buy an ongoing subscription or sign up to send a set number of boxes (one, two, three or four).

Kurgo Dog Packs

Kurgo Outdoor Dog Tools

I'm practically the poster child for the outdoor fitness enthusiast who always has a dog in tow. And I know I'm not the only one. If you have a friend who's always taking Fido with her when going for hikes or trips to the lake, then chances are she could benefit from a few tools to help make adventures with her dog a little easier. Kurgo's K9 Excursion Running Belt ($30) and Baxter Dog Backpack ($45) are two products that have pretty much revolutionized my daily dog trips (and my everyday life).

The running belt includes two sliding leash clips so you can run or hike with your dogs hands-free, a zippered pouch for poop bags, an easy-access pocket for treats and a water bottle to help keep yourself and your dogs hydrated. As someone who was previously wearing a bulky fanny pack to carry dog bags and treats, this lightweight alternative is a big step up.

Also, the Baxter Dog Backpack has given my younger, energetic dog a job. She carries her own toys in the pack, as well as travel bowls and carabiner-clipped water bottles for extra hydration. Not only does this keep her focused during our excursions, but it tires her out so she's calmer when we're at home. It's a total win-win!

Life Is Good Flannel Hoodies

Life Is Good Hoodies
Life Is Good

What says "outdoor person" more than the quintessential flannel button up?

Nothing. Pretty much nothing.

That's why these plaid, cotton button-up hoodies from Life Is Good are just so stinkin', well, good. They're comfortable and form fitting with the modern twist of a hoodie for added warmth and style. They're available in both men's and women's styles ($58 each), so they even make a good couples gift for an outdoor twosome.

Ridge Baselayers

Ridge Merino Baselayers
Ridge Merino

If I learned anything from a few poorly planned snowboarding trips, it's this: Layering isn't just a nice idea - it's a requirement for performance when spending time in the cold. Wearing a high-quality baselayer can make the difference between a fun day on the mountain and a miserably cold experience. Ridge baselayers ($50 to $60, depending on piece) are made of 100-percent merino wool, designed to wick moisture away from your skin and dry quickly to help keep you warm despite frigid weather. The Ridge products come in men's and women's versions that can be worn separately in the lodge apres ski. Plus, their naturally UPF 50+ protection will help keep your skin safe from the direct and reflected light of the sun off the snow.

Valleau Water-Friendly Sports Bras

Valleau Sports Bras
Valleau Apparel

There's nothing better than a double-duty piece of fitness apparel, and these Valleau sports bras fit the bill. In addition to their adorable fashion and slick functionality perfect for wicking away sweat during a CrossFit workout, they're also designed to be water-friendly. In other words, your best bed can use one as a substitute swimsuit top when paddleboarding or training for a triathlon. While all of Valleau's sports bras are multi-functional, I'm particularly fond of the Sunset's ($42) strappy back and the bold floral design of the Lotus ($44).

Slyde Handboards

Slyde Handboards

There's a special thrill that comes from catching a wave and riding it to shore. For the water lover who prefers body surfing to actual surfing, Slyde Handboards ($120 to $200, depending on style) are guaranteed to make the experience even more fun. The boards are worn on the hands and make it easier to catch waves and ride them for longer than when using your body alone. If you've got a friend who is about to head south for a tropical vacation, give them a gift they can pack in their suitcase and take along for the ride.

Shore Projects Watch

Shore Projects
Shore Projects

These Shore Project watches (starting at $175) may look classically stylish, but they have surprisingly sturdy function that make them the perfect everyday timepiece for the outdoor enthusiast. The watch cases are made from Marine Grade stainless steel with crystal sapphire glass and Japanese Miyota movement. They're even waterproof up to 100 meters, so they can be worn in the pursuit of practically any outdoor water activity.

Probably the coolest Shore Project feature is that the watch wrist bands are easily interchangeable, and the straps come in a wide variety of colors, styles and materials. By simply buying a few different band styles, you'll always be able to match your watch to your outfit and your activity.

PADI eLearning Gift Pass

PADI eLearning

The outdoor adventurer is always looking for a new way to embrace the world around them. If your favorite friend isn't already scuba certified, consider buying them the gift of experience by signing them up for a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) eLearning Gift Pass (starting at $62). Once they're signed up, they can work at their own pace to receive their full certification as an open water diver before exploring their local waterways (and even a few National Parks!) below the surface.

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