Gifts to Announce Your Pregnancy at Christmas

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Gifts

Lots of women will find out that they are pregnant near Christmas. If you are one of the many women who fall into this category, you might be looking for a special way to announce your pregnancy during the holidays. Here is a collection of gifts that will help you make your pregnancy announcement a memorable part of your Christmas experience this year.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Growing by 2 feet
Photo © sullivandigidesigns

This is a physical announcement that can include a photo. You can change the colors to make it personal and the designer, Ann-Marie at Sullivian Digi Designs, will be happy to help. This is a file that will be sent to you to print or use electronically, typically within 24 hours. You can see more at their website on etsy.

Grandparents Ornament

Grandparents-to-be ornament
Photo © Sierra Metal Design

This adorable ornament from Sierra Metal Design is great as a gift or as a subtle hint to hang on your tree. Imagine slipping this onto the tree and letting someone find it unexpectedly. It would be a great conversation starter and a way to start a family tradition of ornament gift giving.

Digital Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

Santa Hat on Ultrasound Christmas Pregnancy Announcement
Photo © Sprinkled Joy

This is another cute digital pregnancy announcement. This features an ultrasound photo with a Santa hat on the baby. You will use your own ultrasound photo.You can order multiple sizes. Learn more at their etsy site.

Wooden Pregnancy Announcement for Grandma

Grandma's Established in 2014
Photo © Spang Gang Designs

This adorable sign would be a great gift for grandma, though Spang Gang Designs has multiple options. You wrap this up and let her open it on Christmas and wait for her to understand what it means. Will your mom laugh or cry?

Christmas Pregnancy Announcements
Photo © To Be Greetings

I love the image of the stork and the image of Santa Clause staring one another down with a you show me yours attitude. This is a neat little Christmas card and pregnancy announcement in one. You can have this personalized as well.


Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Ornament

Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Ornament
Photo © Shop The Owls Nest

This adorable Christmas ornament is a subtle pregnancy announcement. You could hang it on your tree or gift it and see how long it takes the recipient to figure out your good news.

We've Been Naughty Announcement

Naughty Pregnancy Announcement
Photo © Modern Star Print

This cute digital file pregnancy announcement is a nice play on the naughty or nice jokes at Christmastime. Modern Star Prints will customize your dates and let you send the message to the world about what you've been up to this year.

Bun in the Oven

Bun in the Oven
Photo © Little Elephant Crafts

This adorable gift is something you can customize the note that goes with it. You can mail it directly to the recipient for long distance relatives, or you can put it under your tree. Either way, it's a great and subtle way to let your family know you're expecting a baby.

There Goes The Silent Nights

There goes the silent nights pregnancy announcements
Photo © Pearl Pear Designs

I love the Silent Night spoof on this printable chalkboard sign design. You can mail it and use it as Christmas cards or wrap it up with a gift for a fun time. You can personalize this with your due date. There are other designs available as well.

Green vs Red and Boy Vs Girl

Boy vs. Girl Tickets
Photo © Notable Affairs

These look like event tickets and yet are specific to your baby's due date. I can totally see someone thinking they got tickets to a concert or big game and then they look again and jump for joy!

We Are Pregnant Ornament

Pregnancy Announcement Ornament
Photo © Unique Flair Shop

This simple ornament puts it right out there - We are pregnant! You can give this as a gift or keep it for yourself. What a sweet gift!

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