Baby Gender Prediction - Old Wives Tale Quiz

What do the Old Wives say about your baby?

Boy and Girl Baby Playing.
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Take this quiz to determine the gender of your baby!

Whether or not you decide to use ultrasound technology to find out the sex of your unborn baby, playing around with the Old Wives Tales predictions can be a lot of fun. Here are some safe questions to ask yourself about your current pregnancy to determine if the Old Wives believe you're having a girl or boy. It also makes a great baby shower game!

Some examples of the types of things the Old Wives would talk about included what you ate before pregnancy, what you crave in pregnancy. The thought process was that the foods we ate influenced how our bodies responded in kind to which sex. That being said, it was an ill-guided, but actually forward thinking thought process to realize that what we ate might have an influence on our bodies at all.

From there it was an easy jump to say that the foods that we ate in pregnancy had to be related to whether we were carrying a girl or boy. It was believed that boys had very different appetites than girls and that they would make demands through the mother's cravings.

There were also instances of physical attributes being assigned to pregnancy based on the supposed sex of the baby. It was believed that if a mother was obviously pregnant from behind then she was carrying a girl, but if she was carrying up front only (Looked like she swallowed a basketball.) then she was carrying a boy.

There were also a few other spin-offs on the physical parts, including how wide you were.

A furthering reaching idea was that how you looked (e.g. healthy, sickly, beautiful, etc.) was also determined by the baby. A mother pregnant with a girl would supposedly look less beautiful or not have a pregnancy glow because her unborn daughter was stealing all of her beauty for the duration of the pregnancy.

Let's just say this old wives tale wasn't a favorite of moms.

At this point, we jump from actual physical traits in mom to other ideas of influence. This includes the idea that which way your bed was pointing when you conceived could influence the sex of your baby. I'm not even sure how this would work and have never found an explanation. (Though it used to be believed that one testicle held the girls and one the boys. To get a boy, you'd simply tie the other testicle back during sex. While grossly inaccurate and painful, it at least had some "logic" to it.)

So while these are all based on tales, you will have people who swear by them individually. I thought it would be fun to harness the power of all of them together to see what the answers would look like for my pregnancy. That's how this quiz came about. Now all the common Old Wives tales are in one easy place to see how you and your baby score. What does the wisdom of the ages predict for your baby? Boy or girl?

Please remember that this is intended for fun. These are based on things that aren't based on science or fact. This is stuff your great-grandma would tell you as you walked around the house pregnant. So don't panic if your ultrasound said one thing and this says another.

Let's go with what the technology said on this one...