Girl or Boy: The Ring Test

Old Wives Tales for Pregnancy

Wedding Ring on a String for the Ring Test for sex of baby
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There are a number of ways that you can tell the girl babies from the boy babies well before an ultrasound will be accurate. These old wives tales or folklore have been around for a very long time and are passed down from generation to generation within families. One of the oldest known tests to figure out the sex of your baby is known as the ring test.

This test supposedly can sense the sex of your baby and directs the ring a certain way to let you know.

One family likened it to a Ouiji board in pregnancy. You need to be sure to follow the direction exactly, according to Carolyn, a passionate grandmother who says this has worked every time (except once with a boy/girl twin pregnancy).

"It was just something that you did," recalled Rose. "Ever since I was a little girl, I have vivid memories of my aunts holding strings over their bellies. I was always fascinated with the movement and the laughter. I couldn't wait for my turn in this family ritual. We did it at almost every family gathering after about ten weeks into my pregnancy because someone hadn't seen it themselves. It was pretty special. Every time - it said girl. The ultrasound also said girl, so my family felt vindicated. And sure enough - our daughter was born. I can't wait to someday hold a string over her belly too."

Not everyone feels so positively about it, Elise offered, "I thought it was a bit creepy and was more into science.

I know my grandma felt really strongly about it, so I let her do it. I tried to keep my eye rolling to a minimum. Her test was 'inconclusive' and she said it was because I didn't believe."

To conduct this old wives tale you simply take your wedding ring and tie a thread about 12 inches long to it. (You can also use a promise ring or engagement ring.) Sit or lie down and hold the thread over your pregnant belly.

The ring will either go in circles or side to side (back and forth). Though some families say that you get better results if you are lying down.

If the ring goes in circles, you're expecting a baby boy. If the ring goes side to side you are expecting a girl according to this old wives tale. Though again, some families will say the opposite and argue vehemently. It is unclear what happens in a twin pregnancy. Some claim that you will get alternating results. Others say that it will indicate boy, then indicate a girl, but at the same time.

An alternative to this test would be to use a needle in place of a ring. You simply thread the eye of the needle in the same fashion that you would thread a ring. The same rules apply for the sex of the baby in terms of reading the test as you are completing it.

Just remember, these types of tests are for fun. It makes a great party trick for your baby shower. Just don't put too much stock in it, particularly if it goes against what science via an ultrasound or another genetic test has shown you.

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