The Girl Scouts of Japan and Themed Activities for All Scouts

Explore and Connect to Japanese Culture Through Girl Scouts

Japanese students girls running in the school playground
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The Girl Scouts of Japan is part of the international organization World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). It is a group for girls of all ages that promotes healthy development and the exploration of the world to create responsible citizens.

History of the Girl Scouts of Japan

The Girl Scouts were introduced in Japan in 1919 by a British missionary named Miss Muriel Greenstreet. It was then called Girl Guides of Japan and was one of the founding members of WAGGGS.

During World War II, the Japanese government banned the organization. It restarted after the war in 1949 and has since been known as Girl Scouts of Japan (official website in Japanese).

Girl Scouts of Japan uses the standard Girl Scouts organization for girls of all ages: Brownies, Junior, Senior and Ranger. In 2014, the group had over 33,000 members.

The Girls Scouts' World Thinking Day

Girls Scouts across the world are encouraged to take part in World Thinking Day on February 22 of each year. This tradition encourages Girl Scout members to participate in various activities to achieve the World Thinking Day Award for their age level.

The various Girl Scouts and Girl Guides organizations throughout the world give each World Thinking Day a theme. For example, in 2016 the theme was "Connect" and in 2015 the theme was "we can create peace through partnerships."

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts puts together an activity pack each year that individual scout groups can follow.

Of course, they can also add their own activities as well.

Explore Japan on World Thinking Day

Girl Scouts worldwide can explore Japanese culture with these fun activities.

Swaps, Crafts and Activities

Learn a few simple phrases in the Japanese language...

  • Yes: Hai

  • No: Iie

  • Excuse me: Sumimasen

  • Thanks: Doumo

  • Thank you: Arigatou gozaimasu

  • You are welcome: Dou itashimashite

  • Please: Onegai

  • Good morning: Ohayou

  • What's new?: Kawatta koto aru?

  • Goodbye: Sayounara

  • Good night: Oyasuminasai

  • How are you?: Ogenki desu ka

  • Good: Ii desu yo

  • So so: Maa maa

  • Happy Birthday: Tanjoubi omedetou

Japanese Food

Explore Japanese traditional foods.

Explore Japan

Japan is a very colorful country and there are many aspects of it that any Girl Scout will find interesting. Explore the cities and countryside of Japan and find out what makes it special.

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