Baby Girl Names Ending With The Letter 'A'

Sophia, Olivia and Emma are popular girls' names ending in "A"

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When choosing names, parents often don't know exactly what name they are looking for, but may have a style or sound of name in mind. A trend that has exploded in popularity for baby girls seems to be names ending with the letter "A," since many girls' names ending with that sound are distinctly feminine, not to mention classic. 

Names ending in the letter "A" have topped the  Social Security administration's list of popular girls' names since the turn of the millennium.

Here are the most popular girls' names ending in "A" from the year 2000 to the present.


The popularity of the baby name Sophia has been on a rapid rise in just the past five years alone. The name means "wisdom" in Greek, and hit the top spot on the chart in 2013. The best-known Sophia, of course, is Italian actress Sophia Loren, whose sultry beauty made her an international star. She won the Academy Award in 1961 for the film Two Women.


Emma was the top girls' name of 2014, and has supplanted her close sister Emily in the top five list. The name of one of Jane Austen's best-loved heroines, Emma never really fell totally out of favor as a baby name, but has enjoyed a steady resurgence  the past decade thanks to a pop culture reference: She grew wildly popular after the characters Ross and Rachel named their baby Emma on the sitcom Friends in 2002.


Isabella is that rare name popular across multiple cultures with old-fashioned and modern appeal.

She also lends herself to cute nicknames like Bella and Izzy. She's risen to the top in recent years thanks in part to the Twilight vampire movies, whose female protagonist was named Isabella, nicknamed Bella. The name means "my God in abundance." 


From the Latin word for "olive," a fruit associated with the Greek goddess Athena, Olivia has been around since about the 13th century.

The most prominent usage was in Shakespeare's 1602 comedy Twelfth Night, and she also has cute nicknames, like Liv and Ollie. She's been in the top 10 since 2001.  


Meaning "my beloved," Mia climbed the charts beginning in the 1960s, and got as high as No. 6 on the charts in 2014. It's a classic, simple, feminine-sounding name who may owe some of her status to actress Mia Farrow, but which shows no sign of waning in popularity. 


Her place among the most popular girls' names was probably due to the large number of celebrity parents choosing it for their daughters, but Ava has a whole other meaning for millennials' grandparents. They of course, would likely think of Ava Gardner, film star of the 1940s and 1950s, who appears to be the most famous Ava in modern history. 

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