What Parents Should Know About Girls and Puberty

Helping tween girls through puberty requires a little research. Here's a guide.

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It might seem as though you just went through the stages of puberty. Now, someone you know is getting ready to change from a child to an adult. It's a huge transition, and comes with many challenges and joys, for both parents and girls. Here's what you should know about girls, puberty and how you can make this phase of growing up as easy as possible for your daughter and you.


One of the first things a parent needs to know about girls, puberty and growing up is all the language that comes with it.

Your daughter may be intimidated by all the terminology she will hear in health class and on the school bus. Be sure you clearly explain all these new words to her, and it's best to use the proper words to explain development, her body, and the process of puberty. Otherwise, she'll deduce that puberty and her body are things to be embarrassed about, when actually it's all very normal and natural.

Terminology She Needs to Understand:

What's Going to Happen?

It can happen overnight. Your little one wakes up and suddenly she looks a bit older, a little curvier and you're thinking she may even need a training bra. Your daughter's period may also begin without warning.

If you've noticed these changes, you can bet your daughter has noticed them, and wondered about them (maybe even worried about them). Below are some of the changes or issues that are typical of girls, puberty and growing up.

What You Need to Know

Parenting a child through puberty isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be confusing, either. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare for changes, and troubleshoot challenges.

Your child will go through not only physical changes, but emotional and social changes, too. Be patient and offer guidance every step of the way. Your preteen may be on the road to adulthood, but you are in no way finished with your parenting responsibilities. In fact, in many ways, you're just getting started.

What She Needs to Know about Puberty and Growing Up

One of the best ways to prepare for girls, puberty and growing up is to educate tween girls on the whole process they're going to face. Information is key to helping them understand that puberty is normal, and is just a part of growing up. They may feel like the changes they're going through are unique to them, but once they understand that their friends feel and are experiencing the same things, they'll relax and accept the changes as perfectly normal.

Below are a few issues you'll want to share with your daughter when it comes time to talk about girls, puberty, and all the changes that go with becoming an adult.

Girls, Puberty: Additional Information

Even if you share your own experiences about puberty and answer all of your daughter's questions about girls, puberty and growing up, she'll still crave information. She may even have questions she doesn't want to ask you, or is embarrassed to ask. It's a good idea to give your daughter a book or another resource that explains puberty and growing up in an easy-to-understand format. She may protest at first. But chances are she'll turn to the resource again and again for information and answers.

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