Healthy and Quick Gluten-Free Breakfast Ideas

Mix and match protein and fiber for the best possible start to your morning

healthy gluten-free breakfast
Yogurt and gluten-free granola are two great gluten-free breakfast ideas. Tom Grill / Getty Images

Are you managing to eat a healthy gluten-free breakfast every morning? How many of us even know what a good breakfast really is?

Nutrition experts recommend you get a healthy dose of protein (for example, from low-fat meat, fish, eggs, beans, or soy, if you can eat soy), and fiber. This combination of protein and fiber will help you feel full until lunch (and prevent you from snacking on something less healthy, too!).

But protein and fiber are nutrients in foods, not the foods themselves. So what can you eat that's full of healthy protein and fiber, but safe on the gluten-free diet?

Fortunately, you have tons of options. For example, one of my favorite breakfasts consists of fat-free plain yogurt (for protein) mixed with fruit salad and ground flax seeds (for fiber). But there are many more that will work just fine.

Quick, Healthy Gluten-Free Breakfast Ideas

Below are some sources of protein and fiber to mix and match for a gluten-free breakfast. For more ideas, take a look at our list of naturally gluten-free high fiber foods and our collection of gluten-free recipes.

  • Whole-grain hot or cold cereals, including gluten-free oatmeal (if you can eat oats). Cereal is the go-to breakfast choice for many people, and many cereals, including some mainstream options, are gluten-free. Just watch the sugar content — as you probably know, cereals can be loaded with sugar.
  • Gluten-free muffins or bread made with whole grains. Yes, you can find gluten-free bread that's made with whole grains — check out this list of gluten-free bread brands and varieties. And even a muffin can make for a healthy breakfast — for example, Udi's Gluten-Free Harvest Crunch muffin (available in the freezer section) has 4 grams of fiber per muffin.
  • Gluten-free whole-grain waffles. Not all gluten-free frozen waffles contain significant fiber, but some do. Check out this list of gluten-free frozen waffles for your choices.
  • Gluten-free bagel with cream cheese. As with frozen waffles, not all gluten-free bagels contain enough fiber. Check out this list of gluten-free bagels to find out which will work for you.
  • Fresh whole fruit or fruit salad. Ideally, you should pair this with protein, or you may feel hungry again too quickly.
  • Gluten-free hummus with fresh sliced vegetables, or a large salad with chopped chicken. Yes, these may sound like odd choices for breakfast, but if you can get past that, they will provide you with both fiber (in the vegetables) and protein (in the hummus or chicken). These can make a great start to your morning.
  • Smoothies made with whole fresh fruit and yogurt.

Gluten-Free Protein Sources for Breakfast

There are plenty of healthy, high-protein, gluten-free breakfast ideas. Here are a few of my favorites:

Note that if you're both gluten-free and vegetarian or vegan, you'll find it trickier to get enough protein. Here are some ideas: Protein on the Gluten-Free and Vegetarian or Vegan Diet

A Few Last Tips

Any of these ideas can be mixed and matched for your ideal breakfast. Just try to make sure you get some fiber and some protein every day.

For an added healthy boost, try adding fresh-ground flax seeds to your cereal, yogurt or smoothie — flax seeds contain both fiber and protein.

If you're on the run and can't manage a full breakfast, try splitting it into snack-like portions. For example, you can eat a hardboiled egg at home (for protein) and an apple and a handful of pecans or walnuts (for fiber) later in the morning.

(Edited by Jane Anderson)

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