Gluten-Free Passover Seder Menu Recipes

Passover Recipes With No Matzoh and No Gluten

Passover is a holiday when people with celiac disease can really shine in the kitchen, because chametz -- the term for the forbidden ingredients -- is gluten. Of course, we're accustomed to avoiding gluten all year long. Also, because wheat, oats, barley, and rye in any form other than matzoh is forbidden during Passover, many supermarkets and online vendors stock gluten-free Passover specialty items that are only available once a year.

(Be sure to take a look at our guidelines for finding once-a-year gluten-free Passover food in your supermarket.)

Even so, Passover is hazardous for celiacs because matzoh, the ceremonial cracker-like "bread" of Passover, does contains gluten. While very observant Jews will not mix matzoh with any other food until the last day of Passover, most Jews do mix ground-up matzoh (in the form of matzoh meal, matzoh flour, or matzoh cake meal) into lots of recipes.

To help make Passover safe for celiacs, we've collected lots of gluten-free Passover recipes from and around the Web, for a great seder menu. In addition, Kosher cookbook author Susie Fishbein has graciously allowed us to post some gluten-free recipes from her 2008 cookbook, Passover by Design.

Gluten-Free Oat Matzoh
Gluten-Free Matzoh
Carol Fenster's Gluten-Free Matzoh Recipe


Gefilte Fish

"Matzoh" Ball Soup from Gluten-Free Bay
"Matzoh" Ball Soup from Elana's Pantry

Side Dishes
Traditional Potato Kugel
Purple Cabbage Salad
Brussels Sprouts With Carrots
Gluten-Free Passover Noodles

Main Courses
Maple-Glazed Turkey Roast

Flourless Chocolate Torte
Chocolate Mousse Cake

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