Gluten-Free Vegetarian and Vegan Soup Recipes

Want gluten-free vegetarian soup recipes?. Getty Images/Alexandra Grablewski

It's not difficult to find imaginative recipes for delicious gluten-free vegetarian and vegan soups — after all, it's hard to go wrong with a rich winter soup made with vegetable broth and filled with lentils, or a cool summer soup made with little except for fresh peaches and champagne.

In looking for soup recipes that are both gluten-free and vegetarian or vegan, I wanted options that include a variety of healthy vegetables and fruits, and don't require many processed ingredients (processed ingredients raise the risk of gluten cross-contamination in your final product).

Fortunately, there were plenty of choices, which you'll find below. Before you get to the recipes, though, just one note: many of these call for vegetable broth as a base, so you'll obviously need a gluten-free vegetable broth.

You can make your own, but if you want something quick and easy, both Imagine Foods and Pacific Natural Foods sell vegetable broth bases that they label as gluten-free (to below 20 parts per million of gluten).

Check out your other options for ready-to-eat gluten-free soup (including some vegetarian and vegan choices) here: Gluten-Free Soups

Here's my list of 11 recommended gluten-free vegetarian and vegan soup recipes:

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