Gluten Intolerance in Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Is Gluten a Problem for You?

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Is gluten "bad" for people with fibromyalgia (FMS) and chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)? You certainly can find a lot of people online who say it is. So far, however, research hasn't specifically examined whether gluten poses a problem for a significant number us.

With the media attention gluten-free diets have received, a lot of people with these illnesses have gone gluten free. Anecdotal results are mixed, with some people saying it's changed their lives and others saying it did nothing other than take away their favorite foods for a while.

Very little research has been done on the overlap between celiac disease -- an autoimmune disorder involving gluten -- and FMS. One study showed no overlap between celiac and juvenile fibromyalgia. A review of literature suggested that many people diagnosed with celiac had a history of FMS, but other studies point out that celiac disease may sometimes be misdiagnosed as FMS or ME/CFS because of similar symptoms. Research hasn't been done on the prevalence of Celiac in ME/CFS, or on the prevalence of non-celiac gluten sensitivity in either FMS or ME/CFS.

Do you suspect gluten is a problem for you?'s Celiac Disease Guide Jane Anderson has a wealth of information about gluten-related problems on her site. I've rounded up her articles that I think are most relevant to FMS and ME/CFS so you can see what these problems are, how they're diagnosed, and how to live gluten free if you need to.

Gluten Basics

The first things you need to know are what gluten is, what illnesses it's linked to, and how those illnesses are different from each other.

It's also important to know the symptoms of celiac and gluten sensitivity.

However, that's not always a simple, clear-cut process.

Gluten-related symptoms can be extremely similar to those of FMS and ME/CFS – including some neurological symptoms. Instead of looking for the existence of a symptom, you may need to keep a food/symptom log to see if certain symptoms get worse when you eat gluten-containing foods, or improve when you avoid them.

Also, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is extremely common in FMS and ME/CFS. Because IBS and gluten intolerance may involve similar digestive problems, it can complicate the diagnostic process.

Gluten Sensitivity & Other Health Risks

Gluten sensitivity may cause more problems than those linked to digestion. Research suggests it could be linked to numerous health problems.

Getting a Diagnosis

So far, there's no well-proven test for gluten sensitivity. If your doctor suspects a gluten problem, the first step could be to rule out the celiac disease. However, some research is starting to suggest that a gluten-intolerance test may be possible down the road.

Living Gluten Free

Once you're ready to go gluten free, you have a lot to learn about what you can and can't eat.

Jane has a wealth of other information on living gluten free on her site. You can explore these areas to get your questions answered:


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