Good Reasons to Homeschool Teens for High School

It's not an easy call, but homeschooling is a good fit for many teens.

Homeschooling Teens
Mom helps teen daughter to do her homeschool lesson. Ryan McVay / Getty Images

Many parents who are homeschooling young children wonder what they are going to do when their child gets to be high school age. Depending on the student, the parents, and the high school in question, there are pros and cons to continuing to homeschool teenagers. A few factors to consider as you make this decision:

Special Interests

If your teen has special interests, it is easier to pursue them while being homeschooled.

Public high school curricula often fail to engage intelligent teens who are interested in a specific area of study. For instance, your teen may be into chemistry and want to be a chemist. But if their school doesn't offer advanced chemistry, it will be difficult for them to pursue that interest.

Likewise, if your teen is involved in a sport or other extracurricular activity that requires extensive travel, a traditional school day may be difficult to maintain.

If your teen is homeschooled, there are classes they can take online that will suit any of their interests.


If your teen is having problems with peers, homeschooling may be the way to go. When peers harass, tease or bully your teen, this can affect a wide variety of emotional issues, including body image, confidence levels and self-esteem. If you feel that peers are negatively affecting your teenager in those ways, homeschooling is a very good idea.

But be sure that your teen is able to handle what can be the isolating experience of homeschooling, and has some social outlet available to him. You don't want to trade one set of social anxieties for another.

Unsafe School Environment

If your teen's high school is unsafe, homeschooling is a viable option.

If your teen's high school is in a high crime area and teens are getting hurt, it is absolutely understandable that you would want to homeschool them. But be prepared to commit to homeschooling for the duration, because returning to an unsafe school after a failed homeschool attempt is certainly not ideal.

If your teen's high school has too many negative influences, homeschooling may be the answer. Drugs and lack of good role models all point to a bad high school experience. These are years your teen will not get back, so be sure you are making the decision based on what your teen needs. Homeschooling is less successful if it is viewed as a punishment.

Specific Religious Beliefs

What if your family has religious beliefs that are not reflected at your teen's high school? A very high percentage of parents who homeschool do so in order to make sure their children receive the religious instruction that reflects the family's values.

Resources for Parents

There are plenty of resources Homeschool parents tend to be active and vocal, and many learn from others with more experience. Most homeschool families are more than ​willing to share experiences and resources that have been useful for them, which can be crucial for parents who are struggling or just getting started.

There are many online and in person homeschool support groups, which are as important for parents as they can be for students.

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