Goodbye and Good Riddance

Goodbye Letters to Smoking

Saying goodbye to smoking involves more than physical recovery from nicotine addiction. For most of us, letting go of the habits that surrounded nicotine addiction signals a powerful emotional release as well. Smoking Cessation Forum members have contributed personal accounts of the psychological healing that smoking cessation brings in the form of goodbye letters. Please read them and take the message to heart: nicotine addiction is like a relationship of the worst kind -- destructive and enslaving.


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From Jamie:
"I'm on my sixth smoke-free day and I'm finally glad to be rid of you, Marlboro Light 100s. This was a toxic friendship we had. I was always loyal to you and smoked three packs of you a day."


My Darling...

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From Shawn:
"How can I express what you've meant to me these many years? The bond we've shared has been stronger than any other in my life. You were always there for me when I was alone."


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From Leslie:
"I was a little intimidated by you, when first we met. You seemed so sophisticated, so cool. And you came with such nifty accessories; in gold and silver, multi-coloured, engraved cases, bronzed creatures. There were hard or smooth packets that contained mini explosions that burst and waned in a sizzle. Wow, I thought. I was pretty impressed."



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From Liz:
" I'm writing you a letter that I may never send. You see, I can't have any contact with you right now. When I said goodbye, I meant it. But there are times when the thought of you is overwhelming. And so I think it will help for me to be completely honest with myself."


From Loss Comes Strength

From Gail:
"You have lived in my life a long time You have flourished in my memories Gone now, but with your spirit still alive I watch cautiously as each day passes Ever vigilant for your cruel lies."


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From Stuart:
"I used to think you were my friend. I know now that you are not. For years you have lied to me, telling me you want what is best for me. You promised to relax me when I was tense. You promised to make me alert when I was tired. You promised to console me when I was know all the promises you made. And, sucker that I was, I believed you."



From Heather:
"Over a year ago, we separated for the first time...we would be apart for a week, or 2, maybe 3, and you would waltz back into my life, begging me to pick up our relationship where we left off."



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From Maria:
"They all thought you would hurt me. How could that be, when you made me feel so good? When I was around you, I was in control. Or so I thought. Little did I know you are a control freak - willing to take over my life and you did."


Dear Nicotine...

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From Socaljr:
" It's with great discomfort that I must write this letter to tell you I'm not coming back. The trial separation over the last 17 days has opened my eyes to just how one-sided our relationship has always been."

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