Gotta Go Now Travel Potty and Trainer

Practical and Worth It

Gotta Go Now Travel Potty and Trainer
Safety 1st

Gotta Go Now Travel Potty and Trainer made me happy. It saved us a lot of headache after a day at the beach when no bathroom was in sight and has become a must-have accessory for visiting the local park where the public restroom is completely un-toddler friendly (actually, it's totally un-child friendly so even my 6-year-old uses the Gotta Go Now Travel Potty instead of the park toilets when we're there.

This is one of several travel potties on the market that are aimed at parents with young children, specifically parents of children who are in the midst of potty training. Others like the Kalencom Potette Plus Travel Potty Chair and Fisher-Price Out and About Potty Training Seat are priced lower, and some competitors' products fold up a bit slimmer, but I liked the steadiness of this portable potty by Safety 1st and really feel that it's worth a few extra bucks. It's well made and can be used with an 18-month-old through a 6-year-old (as noted), so I think it adds up to a great value.


This light-weight model comes in a choice of colors -- green or pink. The green is a good choice for boys or girls, so I recommend it first. It's easy to sanp together the pieces and start using right out of the box.

Other features include:

  • Removable trainer seat that fits over a standard toilet seat so you can turn any toilet into a toddler-friendly potty
  • Fold-away legs that make the seat more compact to store and even throw into the bottom of a stroller
  • A removable lid that covers the potty securely to keep it clean and includes a handle so you can easily carry it
  • A collapsible bowl -- keep it contracted when you're storing it, pop it out when someone is ready to use the potty

    There are also two options for cleaning the Gotta Go Now Travel Potty and Trainer. You can place a disposable bag (not included) inside the bowl and lift it out to dispose the contents. This is probably a good choice if you know you're going to be cleaning out "number two." The standard option (letting a child go right into the bowl) is also perfectly fine as long as you can dispose of the contents fairly quickly (you don't want to be traveling with body waste for too long). It's very easy to remove the bowl and wash and disinfect it quickly.

    A+ for Styling and Fit

    As I mentioned, I think this product does a great job of serving the needs of children at a range of ages and sizes. Some travel potties are too small for bigger preschoolers and older and some are too small for a little toddler. The expandable legs give it a bit of height to accommodate taller kids but it can also be placed on the regular adult toilet, allowing any child to feel comfortable in a public bathroom.

    While this model doesn't fold flat, it folds to the size of a small pillow and could fit in some diapers bags (although there would be little to no room for anything else). Still, you can easily store it under a car's seat or carry it with you in a stroller basket.

    So it's convenient for a host of situations and can help you avoid feeling like you have no choice but to let your child relive himself in public.

    Some Things to Consider You are likely going to want to have some accessories or handy extras on hand to make it easier to use and clean your travel potty. I recommend having flushable wipes on hand along whenever you use the potty, and consider keeping disinfectant wipes in the car or wherever else you will store on your travels. This way, you can give it a basic cleaning for the time being (until you can get home to wipe it out).

    Bonus Feel-Good Fact

    Perhaps it's not important to how the product functions, but how and where a product is made does matter to me. I like that the Gotta Go Now Travel Potty and Trainer is made in America. The manufacturer also states that the Columbus, Indiana plant were it is produced is a zero landfill facility that reuses over 99% of its plastic manufacturing waste. Between that and saying bye-bye to diapers, I like to think Little Guy and I are doing something very small to protect his future.

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