Governor Chris Christie Going Green

NJ Governor Chris Christie and MD Governor Larry Hogan at the Double T Diner in Annapolis, MD.

Lime Green ‘Hogan Strong’ Bracelet

It was actually a New Hampshire Voter that first brought the lime green wristband to the public’s attention, according to the Washington Post. The voter saw the bracelet on the wrist of presidential candidate Chris Christie during a town hall meeting, and asked him what it was for. Christie said it was an outward sign to show solidarity with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a fellow Republican, who was recently diagnosed with an aggressive stage 3 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Lime green is the color of lymphoma advocacy and awareness products -- symbols of strength for lymphoma survivors, patients and their family and friends.

Governor Hogan’s Lymphoma

Lymphoma is a blood cancer that affects the lymphocytes, a kind of white blood cell. The two main kinds of lymphoma are Hodgkin’s lymphoma (HL), and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL). Of the two, NHL is the more common. Some types of lymphoma -- including NHL and some of its subtypes -- have been on the rise – a trend that is predicted to continue. An American's lifetime risk of getting NHL is currently estimated to be about 1 in 50. Most cases of NHL -- about 90 percent -- are of B-cell origin, like the malignancy affecting Hogan.

Maryland's governor made his announcement on June 22, 2015, drawing on inner strength and a sense of humor. He joked about the odds for success, saying, “The best news is that my odds of getting through, and beating this, are much, much better than the odds I had of beating Anthony Brown to become the 62nd Governor of Maryland.” This was a reference to his surprising victory in 2014 – a stunning upset by all accounts.

Self-described as an underdog who likes a challenge, Larry Hogan somehow managed to become the state’s second GOP governor since 1969.

Going Green for Hogan

Christie had given his enthusiastic support last year for Hogan, who was the underdog campaigning against then-Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown. Just recently, Hogan returned the favor, endorsing Christie his support in his bid for the GOP nomination for president.

According to the Post, Hogan described he and Christie as a kindred spirits – both blue state republicans and both straight talkers.

On Facebook, Hogan has a shot of Christie and wife Mary Pat Foster wearing the bracelets. And it’s not just fellow governors like Christie who are going green for Hogan, according to the Baltimore Sun. Hogan's daughter and wife appear in photos, passing out the wristbands to Orioles manager Buck Showalter and several players, including Orioles center fielder Adam Jones. Hogan had been amazed and humbled by the support of well-wishers online and in the community.

Hogan Continues to Fight

A year since Governor Hogan announced he had cancer, doctors said Hogan is cancer free. His maintenance treatment isn't over; however, one year since his initial diagnosis, the governor is still in remission and he talked with FOX 5 about his past year. It was June 22, 2015 and Governor Hogan had been in office for only five months when he announced he had B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma. It was an advanced, and he had 50 to 60 tumors throughout his body.

5 days of 24-hour chemo followed by a 16 day break, and then back again to the chemo. Apparently Hogan’s regimen went on in similar fashion for the next six months.

According to FOX 5, Hogan held cabinet meetings in the hospital, and when his staff wasn't there, steroids kept him working all hours. He hit a low point from the cumulative effect of chemotherapy, but tried to stay positive.

He told FOX 5 he was able to see the Pope last fall: “When I met Pope Francis and had the opportunity to be blessed by him, I asked for his blessing for all cancer patients around the world,” Hogan said. “I felt I was getting plenty of prayers, but there were other people who maybe didn’t have as many people focused on them.”

And his fight as the Governor of Maryland continues, as well.

Most recently, Hogan has been in the pit against Democrats in his state who say they are trying to make decision-making about transportation spending more transparent. Hogan’s written response included the following: “Put simply, this bill is just bad public policy.” And according to the Baltimore Sun, moments after the bill arrived on his desk, Hogan issued a prepared, three-page veto letter that said the bill “miserably fails” his “simple test” of whether a new law makes it easier for families and small businesses to stay in, or move to, Maryland.

Democrats hold super-majorities in the House of Delegates and state Senate. Hogan said the legislation was developed “without meaningful input” from the Department of Transportation.

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