Graduation Party Planner: Pick a Date for a Graduation Party

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Graduation Party Planner

Picking the date for your teen’s graduation party can be very difficult, depending on who you would like to invite, what type of party you are having and if you want your own teen to attend. Don’t worry, once you iron out a few of the details you can pick a date that will suit everyone.


Difficulty: Average

Time Required: Can take two weeks, Finish six weeks before the party

Here's How:

  1. First, determine who the party is for, besides your teen. Is it for family that lives close or will they have to travel? Does your teen want to have friends at the party or is it for relatives and family friends?


  2. After you have answered these questions, you’ll want to pick a date which suits the most guests. Determine 3 or 4 options.


  3. Ask your teen what he/she thinks of the dates. If need be, determine more options. From this point forward your teen should be helping with the decision.


  4. You and your teen should talk to your teen’s friends and their parents. Find out what times and dates their parties will be. Coordinate times so that you can be sure your teen will want to attend his/her own party and not be missing out on a friend’s party.


  5. If you need to have the party somewhere other than your home, start calling around to halls and restaurants to check out your date options. May and June are wedding season, so there may not be many halls available on Saturdays.



    1. Think out of the box. Graduates have all summer to celebrate before going on to the future. A mid-summer graduation party would be well attended. So would a lunch the week before graduation after practice.


    2. Be flexible with your teen. It is quite possible that there will be other parties around the same time as your teen’s party. Talk the timing through and see how you can best accommodate your party and your teen’s need to say goodbye to high school friendships.


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