Graduation Party Planner: Graduation Party Themes and Ideas

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Graduation Party Planner

While the overall party theme is ‘graduation’, you will need more than that to pull the party’s focus together. Graduation party themes do not need to be elaborate, a simple addition here and there will help the party come together. Here are four theme ideas you can use to theme your student’s graduation party:

School Spirit Graduation Party Theme

This is an easy one, just go with the school colors.
Steamers, paper products, gelatin and balloons come in all kinds of colors. Use them to decorate and for food choices.

Sports Graduation Party Theme

Is your teen an athlete? If so, use this to decorate for your teen’s party. Place a scrapbook out of your teen playing the sport with awards displayed too. While the cake should still say, “Congrats Grad!”, you could have it themed towards the sport. Decorate the main party room with goal posts or pom-poms. Using school colors would also add just the right touch.

This Is Your Life Graduation Party Theme

This theme is all about the graduate. Show him/her off by displaying photo albums and decorating in his/her favorite colors. Do a ‘peek into the future’ banner with your graduate’s future plans.

A Major Graduation Party Theme

This works well with college graduation. Decorate and use the students major as the party theme. Again, you can use school colors for the paper products and food choices.

Graduation Party Planner

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