Who Should Be Invited to My Teen's Graduation Party?

Graduation Party Planner: Managing the Invitation List

Choose the guest list for your teen's graduation party wisely.
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High school graduation is a huge milestone in your teen's life. And it's important to mark the occasion with a celebration. 

Hosting a party can mark the transition from childhood to young adulthood. And it's a great way to bring together people who will support your teen's efforts as she transitions into the adult world.

But, deciding who to put on the guest list can bring up some graduation etiquette questions.

Is it appropriate for Grandma to attend the same party as a bunch of teenagers?

Should your teen invite his friends? After all, many of them are likely graduating as well and they probably have busy schedules during graduation season.

Here are four main things you should consider when you're deciding on the guest list for your teen's graduation party:

1. Who does your teen want to invite?

This is your teen's shining moment and she needs to have a say in who will celebrate alongside her at the party. While you get to have the final say, your teen should be able to give her input.

Encourage your teen to make two lists. One list will include those friends that they absolutely want to invite to the party. The other should include friends that they would like to invite, but wouldn't mind if that wasn't possible.

2. How many teens can you handle at a party?

If your teen suggests that the whole school stops by, consider whether you can supervise that many teenagers?

After all, graduation season may lend itself to drinking and partying, and you don't want teens to think you'll turn a blind eye to substance abuse.

Sometimes, teens are tempted to simply announce their party on social media and leave it open ended. But that could be disastrous. You might end up with way more people than you envisioned and things could get out of hand.

It's important to keep your budget in mind as well. Think about how much food you want to prepare for the party as well.

3. Is the party venue big enough to hold everyone?

This is a major factor in who you are inviting to the party. If the venue is too small, consider two smaller parties or prioritize your list.

If the party is at your home, you may need to be more selective on who gets invited. On the other hand, if you are renting a venue or hosting it at a large location like your church, then you may be able to handle a larger invitation list.

4. Who are the essential people who you want to invite?

Inviting extended family and family friends is important, even if they live far away. These are the people who will be there for your teen well into the future. They want to be a part of this big event, even if they can only send a card.

This is also an important life lesson for your teen. Their high school friends may not be around forever, but their family and long-time friends will be.

This is the foundation for their invitation lists for every significant life event they will have, from weddings to the birth of a baby. It is important to share these moments with the people who care the most and that your teen understands that.

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