Graduation Party Recipes

Themed Graduation Recipes for High School Graduation Parties

Graduation party recipes can be any type of party recipes depending on the type of party you are planning. Favorite foods for formal dinners will be different than picnic favorites. But when working on the menu for my daughter’s graduation party, I really wanted to incorporate some school colors as she was active in team sports for her school and some fun foods using the graduation theme. My daughters and I had a wonderful time developing these graduation recipes. I hope your teen enjoys them at their graduation party, dinner or picnic.

Graduation Party Recipes: Smiling Grad Cupcakes

Graduation Party Recipes: Smiling Grad Cupcakes. Denise D. Witmer

These fun easy cupcakes that can double as a center piece for a graduation party. May I suggest you try the caramel icing for these, as we did... yummy! When thinking out a graduation party recipe like this one I suggest you take a look at your local party store first and make a list of what they offer in cupcake toppers. Then have your teen give you a favorite flavor of cupcake to make and decorate.

Graduation Chocolate Covered Pretzels Recipe

graduation party recipes pretzels chocolate mold
Graduation Party Recipes: Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Denise D. Witmer

There are many different types of graduation molds you can choose to use for your teen's graduation party foods. This pretzel rod mold was screaming out our family's name as we love chocolate covered pretzels.

Graduation Party Recipes: School Colors Chocolate Pretzel Wands

graduation party recipes school colors pretzel wands
Denise D. Witmer
These school colors pretzel wands are as much fun to make as they are to eat. They make a wonderful graduation party favor when wrapped in cellophane and decorated with curling ribbon. The recipe is fairly simple if you buy melt and pour chocolate wafers for the microwave. Be picky about the type of pretzels you buy, generics tend to break more often.

Graduation Diploma Wrap Recipe

graduation party recipes sandwich wraps
Graduation Party Recipes: Diploma Sandwich Wrap. Denise D. Witmer
This easy graduation recipe is great for lunches, brunches, picnics or as an appetizer if you make it smaller. Using trimmed edges and a little food coloring and we came up with these fun wraps. They are very versatile and you can use any sandwich wrap fixings.

Graduation Party Recipes: Cap and Diploma Chocolate Mints

graduation party recipes mints
Denise D. Witmer
Easy chocolate graduation mint party recipe to make for favors or as an after dinner mint. I found these to be easy to make and more of a cute graduation party idea then I first thought they were going to be.


graduation school colors recipes cake
Graduation Party Recipes: School Colors Cake Recipe. Denise D. Witmer

Fun graduation recipe that can be made ahead and was very tasty. Made like a gelatin poke cake, and theme it with school colors which adds to the graduation theme of your teen's party.


Diploma Cookies Recipe for Graduation

graduation cookies recipes party
Simple ribbon trick for a graduation look on a yummy cookie. Denise D. Witmer
These graduation diploma cookies are just a simple trick to ready-made praline rolled wafers, also known as pirouette rolled wafers to make them look like diplomas.


Frosted cupcakes with a frosted gram cracker and licorice strings for a tassel. This make ahead recipe takes some time and practice to do, but well worth it.



A very simple punch which can be made in different colors and flavors for school events, sports team events and special occasions like graduation.


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