10 Grandma Names that are Making a Baby Name Comeback

Baby Girl
Baby Girl. Photo (c) Robin Elise Weiss

There are lots of people who are looking for a more traditional baby name for their baby girl. This might be a family name or it could simply be a name that they like or enjoy. Sometimes a baby name is chosen as a way to embrace an era. Though when one discusses "grandma" names, you don't typically think of some of the more popular names that are around. You might think Ethel and Maude. But there is a whole class of older, more traditional baby names that could certainly be called "grandma" names that are making a comeback.

Are any of these on your list?

  1. Fiona
    Thank you, Shrek. Princess Fiona made this older name a hit quite quickly. This lovely name has been hanging around the #350 mark, but a mere eight years ago it was #450.
  2. Naomi
    This Biblical girl's name is creeping really close to the top 100. It's simple and yet a bit exotic.
  3. Lydia
    This lovely name has been hanging steady for about 10 years, just outside of the top 100. That means it's a good, strong name, but there is plenty of room for it to be used comfortably without having two or three in your daughter's class.
  4. Scarlett
    With one or two T's at the end of this name, you can watch it skyrocket towards the top 100. There are a few names of this nature that are making a come back. Scarlett's sister name - Violet.
  5. Sadie
    A nice, simple name. While ethnic in origin, most people don't remember that part. You see this crossing generations and religious lines.
  1. Josephine
    The nickname possibility really opens this baby name up for use in a family. You could use it traditionally or opt for the lighter Josie.
  2. Margaret
    Sliding forwards and backwards, we just don't want to let Margaret go! Lots of great nickname potential: Meg, Maggie, Peg, Margie, Margot
  3. Esther
    You might have thought Esther was the odd man out on this baby name list, but you'd be wrong. This is making a comeback to a baby near you...
  1. Lilly
    Lilly, Lillie or Lily - no matter how you spell it, it's a popular name. Rose would be a popular sister to Lilly.
  2. Clara
    Tired of Claire and Clare, the grandmotherly, Clara is on the rise. Who doesn't love the heroine from the Nutcracker? Grab this name while there aren't too many Clara's on your block.

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