Great Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

For many parents, the prospect of having to come up with birthday party ideas is an anxiety-inducing experience. Will the kids get bored? What if you run out of activities?

Fear not: Here are some great party ideas to consider for your child's next birthday party or other kids' celebration. Even if you're on a tight budget or have little time to plan a party, you're sure to find inspiration for a fun party idea for kids from this list.


outdoor party games for kids - dress up relay race
Relay races are fun and exciting outdoor party games for kids. Doug Menuez/Getty Images

Kids love relay races and obstacle courses. All you need is some outdoor space (a park or a backyard -- whichever is handy) and a few props such as hula hoops, batons, and sacks, and voila! You have the makings of a low-budget, raucous, and fun-filled birthday party that’s sure to be a hit.



boys with polar bear in museum
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Pick a great kid-friendly museum near you, divvy guests up into teams, and set up a fun scavenger hunt through the museum. Kids can discover the fun of museums as they find the designated exhibits and will learn and explore as they have fun.



crafts party

Choose some fun crafts projects for kids with your child, get the crafts materials you will need, and you have the makings of a fun crafts party for kids. Kids can let their creative spirit soar as they make fun things to share, show off, and eventually take home.



kids party games
Cake, balloons, and party games -- what better way to celebrate a birthday?. iStockphoto

Kids love to play games, especially when it involves challenging themselves and competing with each other. If you have fun board games for kids, an iPad or a Wii, or even just a few objects to hold relay races outside, you can set up some fun party games for kids. And while they have fun, your child and her friends can build important skills such as good sportsmanship, hand-eye coordination, or even math and language skills.




It’s amazing what a little sugar and butter and flour can do. Take some sugar cookies to use as a yummy canvas, mix up some colorful icing, and let your child and her friends use their imaginations to create beautiful treats they’ll be proud to show off -- and eat.



sleepover party for kids

Whether your theme is a movie marathon, spa party, or an Iron Chef-style cook-off with yummy dishes and treats on the menu, a sleepover party is sure to be a big hit with guests. Kids will love feeling all grown up as they spend the night away from home, hanging with friends and staying up late. Check out these ideas for popular and fun sleepover parties for kids.


A Backyard Stargazing Sleepover Party

backyard stargazing party - kids in tent
A backyard and a tent are all you need for a stargazing party for kids. Adrian Green/Getty Images

This is a great way for your child and his friends to enjoy a warm summer night. Sleeping outside in the back yard can be an exciting adventure. The kids will have so much fun that they won’t even notice how much they’re learning about stars and space. And parents will enjoy themselves, too, if they decide to join the festivities.

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