15 Great Gifts for the Boutique Fitness Class Fiend

Gifts for the Friend Who Lives for Boutique Fitness

You know that friend - the one who starts his or her day with an outdoor boot camp, spends lunch at a group cycling studio and gets loose at night with hot yoga. Then on the weekends? It's anyone's guess - maybe a little 9Round Boxing, OrangeTheory Fitness and Physique 57 barre class to keep life interesting.

In other words, this friend lives for boutique fitness classes, and can't wait to try the next exciting trend. Luckily, this person is particularly easy to shop for. Just check out these 16 amazing gifts that are sure to satisfy your friend's lust for trending fitness.

Manduka Roll Top Backpack

Manduka Roll Top Bag

The boutique fitness fanatic needs a great gym bag to successfully bounce from studio-to-studio while lugging all of his things. This Manduka Rugged Roll top functions as a backpack and can carry everything from a yoga mat to a change of clothes, a towel and a water bottle... not to mention a laptop in the designated padded laptop storage. It's the perfect way to transition from studio to work to studio again without missing a beat.

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Squeeze Pods Single-Use Toiletries

Namaste Squeeze Pod Pack
Squeeze Pod

​No what's no fun at all? Toting mini (or full-size!) bottles of shampoo, conditioner, face wash and location to and from the gym. Not only do the bottles get slick and gross, they take up valuable space in a gym bag and are at risk of busting open. Squeeze Pods are the perfect solution. These natural, leak-proof, single-use toiletries come in tiny pod packs you can throw in a pocket of your gym bag. They're sized for one-use only, so you use them when you need them, then throw the empty pack away.

The Squeeze Pod kits are perfect as stocking stuffers or small gifts for friends and include two shampoo pods, two conditioner pods, two body wash pods, three facial cleanser pods, three shave cream pods, three moisturizer pods and three toilet odor eliminators.

Hot Iron Holster

Hot Iron Holster
Holster Brands

If you've spent any time in boutique fitness studio bathrooms, you know counter space is limited. And anyone who has to get ready for work in these bathrooms needs a safe way to manage hot hair tools (blow dryers, curling irons or flat irons). The Hot Iron Holster is a heat-resistant silicone pouch that holds hot styling tools, making them easily accessible while preventing burn marks or disastrous (and potentially painful!) mid-styling counter falls. The holster naturally clings to any smooth, non-porous surface, so it has no problem gripping sinks and counters, even in small spaces. Plus, it's bendy, so it packs away easily in a gym bag.

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Hydaway Bottle

Hydaway Bottle

If the goal of the on-the-go fitness buff is to save space, space, space, then the Hydaway Bottle is one of the coolest contraptions you can gift this season. The Hydaway is a 21-ounce, dishwasher safe water bottle that packs down to a tiny circle that easily slips inside backpack pockets. The bottle features a flip-up straw to help prevent spills and a carabiner-friendly handle so you can snap it to the side of a pack. For the athlete who needs a water bottle during class, but gets tired of carrying a bulky bottler around, you can't find a better solution.

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ClassPass Subscription


ClassPass is one of the all-around coolest fitness memberships around, and perfect for the fitness fan who is always trying new classes. Unlike a standard gym membership that limits members to a single club, ClassPass provides members with unlimited access to participating specialty studios at a fraction of the cost of the typical per-class rate. It's a great way to give the gift of fitness without limiting your friend to a single location or workout routine. Plus, you can easily gift a single month to a friend with no long-term contract or obligation.

Purchase: ClassPass, $79 to $125, depending on market

Booya Fitness Subscription

Booya Fitness
Booya Fitness

Unfortunately, ClassPass isn't available in every market, and neither are some of the hottest fitness trends being raved about in hot spots like New York City and Los Angeles. That's where Booya Fitness comes in. Touting itself as the "digital version of ClassPass," the service features curated online workout videos from some of the most popular fitness studios and instructors in the country. You can gift a membership for just $10 per month, providing your fit friend with access to streaming workouts he or she can do anywhere, including options from ChaiseFitness, BollyX, Core Pilates NYC and David Barton Gym.

Purchase: Booya Fitness, $10 per month or a year for $99.

POUND Rockout Results System

POUND Rockout Results

I'm a huge fan of the POUND drum-inspired workout routine created by friends and fitness fanatics Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom. The concept is simple: Drumming is fun, but it's also hard work, so why not drum it out using lightly weighted Ripstix (shaped like drum sticks) while performing a series of beat-based exercises? Classes are available in gyms across the country, but it's still new enough that it may be hard to find a class in your area. Luckily, you can gift the POUND Rockout Results system that includes a set of Ripstix, five workout DVDs that include four, 30-minute POUND progressions, a full length "live" class and four short intervals along with a nutrition guide and a 60-day POUNDoff Calendar.

In other words, your friend won't have to seek out this specialty class in-studio. With this full-on POUND system, he or she can enjoy rocking out at home.

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Sufferfest Cycling Programs

Sufferfest Cycling Training

I just reviewed Sufferfest a few weeks ago, and I'm still singing the company's praises. If you have a friend who loves group cycling classes or who spends a lot of time at home on a bike trainer, gifting a few Sufferfest downloads is guaranteed to give them a fun way to cycle at home. These videos are developed by world class cycling coaches and include licensed footage from professional races, including the Tour de France and UCI World Championship. Each routine can be played on a mobile device and walks you through a tough workout you can do at home or as a solo spin session at a gym.

Purchase: The Sufferfest, $6 to $15 per download

Ahnu Yoga Flex Shoe

Ahnu Yoga Sport

It's not always easy to gift shoes, but if you have a friend who's constantly bouncing between workout routines, doing everything from TRX classes to yoga booty ballet, she needs a shoe designed to provide balance, flexibility and multi-planar support. The Ahnu Yoga Flex is new in Ahnu's "hybrid workout footwear" line and emphasizes forefoot flexibility to maximize physical stretching moves (think planks and lunges where the ball and toes of your foot have to stretch and extend), as well as a centered heel base for standing exercises and balance.

Even if you're not quite ready to gift a shoe, you can't go wrong with an Ahnu gift card. I swear by the brand's shoes (I practically live in their Karmas), and they now have a full line of women's workout wear and men's shoes, too.

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Ring of Charity

Ring of Charity
Ring of Charity

The Ring of Charity is a fun and positive way for married or engaged fitness fans to protect their ring while working out. The band is made of hypoallergenic silicone and comes tucked inside a handmade recycled inner tube and leather pouch. You simply wear the Ring of Charity in place of your primary ring during workouts, and store your primary ring in the provided pouch to keep it safe from harm. If you're not single, it's a great way to send the message that you're off the market (we all know gyms are full of singles looking to mingle!) without scratching up wedding band or engagement ring on workout equipment. Plus, a good portion of the proceeds go to charity, which is always nice, too.

Purchase: Ring of Charity, $26

TriggerPoint Nano Foot Roller

Trigger Point Nano Foot Roller
Trigger Point Performance Therapy

All those high intensity workouts lead to a wealth of sore muscles, and while many fitness enthusiasts are familiar with using foam rollers for self-massage, it's not unusual for the feet to be overlooked. This is unfortunate because the feet are pretty much a requirement for most workout routines, and chronic inflammation in the small muscles of the feet can lead to numerous lower-body injuries. The TriggerPoint Nano Foot Roller is a small roller designed to relieve muscle pain and minor aches in the foot through pressure designed to feel like a massage therapist's fingers. Instead of actually giving your friend a foot massage (who really wants to do that?), give them the tool so they can give themselves a foot massage. Aren't you thoughtful?

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Men's Workout Apparel

Men's Athletic Apparel
Dick's Sporting Goods

As long as you buy the right sizes, there's not a fitness buff in the world who would hate receiving workout clothes as a gift. Just try to choose pieces aligned with your friend's current workout style, and don't be afraid to ask if they have a favorite brand. A few of my favorite pieces for men include Warrior Dynasty compression apparel and Under Armour shorts and sweatshirts, all of which are available at Dick's Sporting Goods and other big box athletic stores.

Women's Workout Apparel

Women's Athletic Gear

Again, you really can't go wrong by buying a few sweet workout duds. Women are a bit trickier, as there are about a million brands of activewear on the market, so my main tip is to buy something that blends, but that also offers a unique feature. Take, for instance, the Madison line of leggings, hoodie and long-sleeve tee by Hottotties. Each individual piece is reversible, with one side offering a fun, heather print and the other side offering a basic black that mixes and matches with other apparel.

Purchase: Hottotties, $35 to $40 per piece

Balitello Performance Dress Socks


Okay, technically Balitello Performance Dress Socks are made for the guys, but I see no reason why ladies can get a pair or two of these as well. The concept is great - the brand offers fun, professional socks that are designed with performance features so they can also be worn to the gym. It's perfect for the person who's been known to forget to pack an extra pair of socks, or for the person who goes straight from work to the gym and just doesn't think an extra pair of socks is necessary. Because really, who wants to carry around extra socks all the time?

Purchase: Balitello, $17 a pair

Performance Undergarments

Performance Undergarments
SAXX/Knockout Panties

I don't know about you, but I kinda hate shopping for underwear, but I kinda love wearing a great pair. This means underwear, while often considered boring, is actually an awesome, awesome gift. Make the day (or year!) of your favorite athlete by splurging on a couple great pairs of performance undies designed to be worn during workouts.

Take, for instance, Knockout's patented sweatproof panties designed to keep you cool, dry and fresh no matter what workout you throw at them. Plus, they have fun colors and lacy options so you can feel as good as you look.

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The guys aren't left out in this department, either. SAXX Underwear was just listed by Nat Geo Adventure as the "best adventure underwear" because they're literally built for fitness. They offer patented mesh panels in every pair to keep everything in place while preventing unwanted friction and chafing so guys can comfortably move in every direction. My husband loves his SAXX Kinetic boxers and says they easily trump all the other underwear he owns.

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