Product Review: Great Hair Day Fill-In Powder

Quickly Cover up Thinning Hair & Gray Roots

Great Hair Day hair powder
Image courtesy Sharon Basaraba

If your hair is at least 30 percent gray and you color it regularly, you know how noticeable your roots can become after a few weeks. What’s worse: pale roots next to a pale scalp can make you look like you have seriously thinning hair.

Unfortunately people who develop skin sensitivities to hair products or allergies to hair color as they age may not be willing or able to use hair dyes as often as they'd like to cover those roots.

Enter Great Hair Day, a fill-in powder product designed by late comedienne and entrepreneur Joan Rivers to fill in the blank spaces on your scalp between hair colorings. This easy-to-use powder has better staying power than eye shadow, so your hair will look thick and full all day long.

Pros and Cons


  • Really conceals bald spots and camouflages gray roots
  • Portable
  • Sweat-proof
  • Easy application
  • Can be used by men and women


  • Not suitable for large balding patches
  • Application takes time to perfect
  • No access to testers to determine the right shade for you
  • Compact brush is a bit soft for even blending

How It Works

The Great Hair Day Fill-In Powder is a powder compact that comes in six shades: light blonde, blonde, brunette, red, white and salt and pepper. The kit comes with a brush to apply the powder directly to the scalp. The result is a natural look that disguises thin hair and roots while blending in naturally with hair color.

Each kit includes a powder compact, a brush and instructions. Part the hair with the pointed end of the brush and apply powder to the scalp, working from the back of the head towards the front. Use the brush to blend the powder into the hair. For the most natural look, stop applying color a quarter inch before the actual hairline.

Powder Perks

The matte powder effectively conceals gray roots, small areas of thinning hair and reduces the scalp's shine and redness. It's transfer-proof and formulated to stay on the scalp, even through sweating. It will stay in the hair until it's washed out. It's also designed to last between shampoos.

I started to go gray at the age of 18. I've experienced having hair that was au naturel, highlighted and dyed. I really hate when my gray roots show because it makes my hair look thin. While hair coloring products appear to be quite safe, even over long-term use, I don’t want to use them more often than every 3 weeks. The Great Hair Day Fill-In Powder is the perfect solution.

It allows me to cover up white roots for a few days before the next coloring. After some trial and error, I decided that a combination of colors brunette and blonde is the right color for me, as the brunette shade alone is too dark for me. Overall, this is a great product that is easy to use and effective for helping your hair appear thicker and concealing gray roots.

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