Great Holiday Gifts for Thyroid Patients

Great Holiday Gifts for Thyroid Patients

Here are some great holiday gift ideas for that special thyroid patient in your life!! These are gifts that will keep that special someone warm, cozy, healthy and happy all year long!

And, if you're a thyroid patient, check out these ideas, and maybe you'll want to print off a copy for Santa -- or your favorite gift giver!

Or, maybe you'd like to treat yourself this holiday season?!

So...let's go shopping!

A Great Exercise DVD


I'm not the least bit athletic or interested in exercise, so I always want something that is fast, effective and requires no skill. I've done yoga, and Pilates, and used my treadmill, and while they help with flexibility and energy, they didn't do much in terms of changing my body shape. But now I T-Tapp!

T-Tapp was created by exercise physiologist and rehabilitative fitness specialist Teresa Tapp -- hence the name. It's a series of unique movements that are designed to improve spinal alignment, flexibility and strength, as well as to build muscle, improve lymphatic function, raise metabolism, and control glucose levels. Plus, T-Tapp has a built-in focus on rehabilitation.

You don't need to be an athlete to get started. If you're in decent shape, try the T-Tapp Total Workout DVD. If you have any physical limitations, aches and pains, more weight to lose, or you're older and haven't been exercising, the T-Tapp More or Senior Fit programs are likely a better fit.

In my own case, the first week I T-Tapped (I was doing the T-Tapp Total Workout) I did the routine -- which is easy to follow -- three times...about 40 minutes each session. I lost 12 inches in that first week alone, with 3 inches of it in my waist! It wasn't hard to convince me to keep T-Tapping!

Mary Recommends -- T-Tapp DVDs

Thyroid Meditation CD

The Thyroid Meditation is a wonderful tool for thyroid patients, to help achieve relaxation, and promote healing. One Light One Spirit

 Get in touch, relax, and experience inner calm by doing an uplifting guided meditation. Demo DiMartile of One Life One Spirit has created an incredible audio CD (and MP3), the "Thyroid Meditation," specifically designed for thyroid patients. 

You can read about The Thyroid Meditation in this interview with Demo DiMartile

Mary Recommends: The Thyroid Meditation

The Brent Brush

The Brent Brush has special looped bristles that protect hair from damage and breakage. Brent Hardgrave

The Brent Brush was designed by nationally-known hair stylist and hair loss expert Brent Hardgrave. The specially designed loop bristles on the Brent brush glide through, without snagging or damaging hair. The Brent Brush was originallly designed to help protect hair extensions, but users -- including me! -- have found that it is extremely gentle, and helps prevent hair breakage due to health-related coarseness or fragility. 

(If you have children or family members who have sensory integration issues, or who hate getting their hair brushed, the scalp-friendly, ultra-gentle Brent Brush is also a perfect gift. 

Mary Recommends: The Brent Brush

Healthy Cookbooks

Well Fed helps you create Paleo-style recipes with great taste and style. Melissa Joulwan

Cookbooks for healthy foods are always a great gift idea. But for thyroid patients who won't get excited to get a copy of "101 Green Smoothies" or "Raw Vegan Appetizers" -- I recommend Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed, and Well Fed 2. Melissa's cookbooks feature recipes that you can eat -- and easily make -- every day. And all the recipes are made without grains, beans, soy, sugar, dairy, or alcohol, perfect for thyroid patients who are going gluten-free, or who are cutting back on thyroid-unfriendly foods like soy. Healthy food CAN be delicious!

Mary Recommends: Well Fed, and Well Fed 2, by Melissa Joulwan

Bring Your Warmth With You Everywhere You Go!

For those of us with an underactive thyroid problem, winter can be particularly miserable, because sometimes, we just can't get our hands and feet warm. A wonderful solution...handwarmers and footwarmers that you can take anywhere with you. These are an especially great gift for someone who also has Raynaud's disease, which makes fingers and toes especially susceptible to the cold.

Grabbers are disposable, portable hand and foot warmers. Just break open one of these handy, self-contained packets, tuck them into your mittens or boots, and they generate heat for as long as 8 hours! No more frosty fingers or popsicle toes!

Mary Recommends: Grabber Hand and Foot Warmers

Warm Buddy products are microwaveable, and include gloves, socks, shoulder wraps, throws, and more. Just perfect for when you're feeling the cold. 

Mary Recommends: Warm Buddy Products

Banish the Winter Blues and Have More Energy

Bright light therapy with a light box can help banish winter blues, and may even improve your mood, help your energy level, and perk up your metabolism during colder, darker days of winter.

Thyroid patients are at greater risk than others of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and may find that bright light therapy is just what's needed to help maximize energy levels. A 10,000 lux lamp is the intensity level recommended by light therapy and seasonal affective disorder experts.

I recommend you consider getting a fairly portable light box lamp that you can put right on your desk, for home, office, studies and crafting.

Mary Recommends: Sunbox  Lamps 

Heated Electric Blanket/Throw

Why not settle in for a long winter's nap with a heated electric throw or blanket? Whether you're curled up on the sofa, or settling in to bed, or tucking your feet in, it's a great gift for those of us who can't quite get warm enough in the winter.

I prefer one with multiple heat settings, and an automatic off-switch (because you're not really supposed to sleep all night with the electric blanket on.)

Mary Recommends: Sunbeam heated bedding products

Make Relaxation a Priority

relax rx

For those of us with chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto's thyroiditis and Graves' disease -- frankly, for anyone these days -- an effective form of stress reduction is essential. Stress raises levels of the hormone cortisol -- which can contribute to your thyroid and hormone imbalances and aggravate weight gain. Stress also promotes inflammation, which we now know is a key factor in many long-term, chronic diseases, including heart disease.

My favorite low-cost way to effectively de-stress is Dr. Steven Gurgevich's CD RelaxRx. Dr. Gurgevich is a hypnosis and mind-body medicine expert, and works closely with Dr. Andrew Weil. In my opinion, Dr. Gurgevich produces terrific mind-body self-hypnosis programs, and they are truly effective.

The Relax Rx program features two audio CDS, with guided trancework sessions. With regular practice, you can learn to achieve a relaxation response in 10 minutes that would usually take 60 minutes, and reduce physical tension, relieve anxiety, and create inner calm.

Mary Recommends: RelaxRx CD, by Steven Gurgevich

Heated Car Seat Cushions

Heated car seat covers can make your car cozier on chilly winter days.

Nothing is worse than getting into a freezing car, and feeling that bone-chilling cold coming from the seat. If you don't have cushy automatically heated seats in your car, there's an inexpensive option: heated car seat cushions. Plug in to your cigarette lighter outlet, and you'll have a warm seat in no time. 

Mary Recommends: Heated Car Seat Covers

Gift Certificates

A gift certificate to a spa, for a massage, yoga class, or Whole Foods is a great gift. istockphoto

Gift certificates can make a terrific gift for the thyroid patient in your life. Think about food, health, or fitness -- but perhaps not weight loss specific -- things that your loved one will enjoy. Some ideas for great gift certificates: 

  • A local spa, for a massage
  • Yoga or tai chi classes
  • Gluten-free specialty store
  • Whole Food
  • Housecleaning services

Mary Recommends: Gift Certificates

Home-Made Gifts and Services

Home-made freezer meals can be a great gift for the thyroid patient in your life. istockphoto

If you are looking for something you can make or do for the thyroid patient in your life, why not think about a few healthy and delicious freezer meals? What a wonderful gift to be able to pull out something delicious, heat it up, and enjoy!

You can also visit your local health food store or grocery, and put together a basket of great gluten-free products.

You may also want to volunteer some childcare or eldercare services to your friends and family. This can allow them time to get out to do some self-care -- like a massage or yoga class -- or have a much-needed getaway. 

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