Great Homemade Baby Girl Gifts

5 Great Homemade Baby Items for Girls

Homemade Baby
Thoughtful Homemade Baby Gifts. shaletann

Whether you are looking for a sweet handmade item to make for an upcoming baby shower or birthday or whether you've been bitten by a bug to make a homemade gift for your own baby just because, the options of gifts you could make are near endless. If you are looking for some ideas, check out these suggestions for homemade baby sweet treasures to give your little princess. Or, if you haven't got the crafty gene, you may want to check out some homemade options available to you at craft shops or through online stores, like Etsy.

Simply, Sweet Pillowcase Dress

Pillowcase Dress
Simple Beauty of a Pillowcase Dress. Etsy: Begora

Yep, that dear dress is made from a pillowcase. I am not kidding you.

I've seen pillowcase dresses available and local craft fairs as well as available at on-line craft shops. They are a popular trend that is catching on. Dresses like the one pictured may inspire you to make your own pillowcase dress for the little babe in your life.

Additionally, you may get creative and design a matching baby bonnet to compliment the ensemble. Pillowcase dresses and matching hats are a simple outfit that has tons of appeal.​

Baby Booties for the Pudgy Piggies

Baby Booties
Baby Booties with Pop. teenywahine

I am a sucker for a good hand-knit or crocheted item, and baby booties like these made by teenywahine are irresitible. Booties are a gift that knits up fairly quickly and is great for crafters with shorter attention spans.

Here are some wonderful free baby bootie patterns.

Handmade Green Toys - Waldorf Dolls

Green Toys
Green Toys Are All the Rage. ruprecht

If you are a parent that is particularly conscious of the types and quality of toys that your baby plays with, you may be interested in making green toys made of organic fabrics and materials. One such toy is the beloved Waldorf doll, so named after the Waldorf philosophy of education. This approach focuses on developing creativity, imagination, and exploration.

Waldorf dolls have a distinct facial and head design, which might make them tricky for newbie sewers. Based on the instructions for Waldorf dolls, you may find this toy is better suited for the crafter with some experience.

Baby Beanie Hat for Your Little Bean

Baby Beanie
Bright and Cheery Baby Beanie. loveablecreations

Now you know that baby beanie is too cute for words, don't you?

You can knit of crochet beanie hats rather easily with a basic pattern and then turn it up a notch by embellishing the beanie with flowers, bows, or some other accessory. Beanie serve the wonderful purpose of keeping your baby's head warm while also bringing a tone of irresistible baby-fashionista.

Baby Headbands for the Feminine Cherub

Baby Headbands
Baby Headbands Are Simply Adorable. theprincessandme

Baby headbands have a way of making an already bald head look even cuter. They also can serve the wonderful purpose of announcing to those clueless strangers, "My baby IS a baby girl, thank you very much!" Headbands have a way of making your baby's gender rather obvious.

There are all sorts of hair accessories for baby girls out there. Headbands can be made easily from store bought cotton stretch bands. Simply look in your local craft store for inspiration, and you can design your own headband that's perfect for your little girl.

Baby Book

Seth Joel/Getty Images

Busy new parents may take a billion pictures of their babies, but they may not always take the time to actually get those baby pictures printed. Take the work out of their hands with a gifted baby book or simply a gift subscription to a site like Blurb, which automatically sends them a printed photo book from their Instagram pictures. Genius!

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