Great Lip Balms for Pregnancy and Labor

Pack one of these in your hospital bag!

So if you look at any respectable list of what to pack for the hospital, you'll find that some version of lip balm is included. (Though it's also a beauty product.) While people may vary on why it's included, let's just all agree that whether your lips are chapped from breathing or some other cause - dry, chapped lips in labor is a horrible pain that no one should have to suffer.

I don't know why the dry skin on your lip is so painful, but it is, and no epidural will take away the pain of skin peeling from your lip. So rather than find yourself having to deal with this pain or put some really weird, hospital type salve on your lips - just pack on of these great choices in lip balms.

Lip balms also make great baby shower gift, in fact, they are great toppers.


Burt's Bees is a favorite for many reasons. This lip balm promises to nourish, and hydrate your lips. It comes in a stick form, making it easy to slip into a pocket. The secret here is the just sweet enough, pomegranate oil. The hint of a light smell is sure to please and not aggravate the most sensitive nose in pregnancy or labor. This is not tested on animals and is 99.% all natural.

Jolly Rancher Lip Balm

Jolly Rancher Lip Balm
Photo © Price Grabber
While you may have a limited diet depending on where you're planning to give birth, many people like food flavored lip balms. This line has all of your Jolly Ranchers favorites, like apple, cherry and others. This has a slightly stronger scent to it, but it's definitely one that can be comforting. It also comes in a stick format.

Hot Mama Dreamsicle Lip Balm

Hot Mama Dreamsicle Lip Balm
Photo © Hot Mama

This organic lip balm is reminiscent of your favorite summer flavor from childhood - dreamsicle. It is made from a special blend of essential oils and lots of very great ingredients to help your lips remain soft and supple - great for kissing new babies. This one is a bit creamier than most, so be prepared.


These lip balms are fun and smell great. There are a ton of fun options like Unicorn Farts, Yeti Breath, etc. (Before you judge, read what the flavors entail!) You might prefer some more grown up sounding flavors like Earl Grey, Black Honey or Lavender Peach. While they do have fragrance, that means you shouldn't use these if you're sensitive to fragrance. Some of these flavors are great gifts for dad-to-be, but they also make great baby shower gifts.


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