4 Pieces of Bike-Like Outdoor Cardio Equipment Worth Trying

Take Your Elliptical to the Street

StreetStrider. StreetStrider

There's a time and place for indoor cardio equipment...like when it's miserably cold and rainy outside. Otherwise, walking on a treadmill or pedaling away on a stationary bike while you watch the minutes slowly tick by is a special type of torture. There are quite literally a million other ways you can spend your time exercising - like jumping rope, hula hooping, taking a trampoline class, or POUNDing away with drumsticks.

Or you can take that indoor cardio workout to the street, where traditional road bikes are practically old news in the burgeoning world of bike-like outdoor cardio equipment. Even Phil Dunphy churned away on a StreetStrider in a popular episode of Modern Family. Which pretty much seals the deal - if these wacky pieces of exercise equipment can make it onto Prime Time, they're certainly worth a look, Granted, they're not cheap - often priced similarly to a nice bicycle - but their innovative designs certainly add to their appeal. 


If you're looking for an outdoor elliptical trainer that enables you to closely mimic running form, the ElliptiGO is a great option. The inventors originally developed the machine as a way for seasoned runners to continue outdoor training while battling injuries; however, they quickly discovered it's also a great tool for long-distance runners to enjoy low-impact training.

Because the ElliptiGO is inspired by an elliptical machine, runners can "run" using the bike-like equipment without enduring the repetitive pounding that occurs when the foot slaps the pavement. 

ElliptiGO also encourages competition by hosting sponsored ElliptiGO races and getting approval for ElliptiGOs to be ridden in select bicycle races around the USA.

Price: $1,300 to $3,500

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The StreetStrider takes up a larger footprint than the other items on this list, and it probably comes in second place for the "goofy looking" prize, but it has some cool features that can't be ignored. First, unlike the ElliptiGO or Stridecore, the StreetStrider has push-pull handlebars that engage the upper body. This makes for a great full-body workout that most closely mimics the gym-based elliptical trainers that feature moving arms. Second, the StreetStrider has an optional indoor accessory package ($200) that makes it possible to set the StreetStrider up inside as an indoor elliptical machine. This type of flexibility is perfect for individuals who want to maintain their workout at home during inclement weather. 

Price: $1,200 to $1,600 plus the cost of additional accessories; you can also purchase refurbished StreetStriders


Much like the StreetStrider and ElliptiGO, the Stridecore is essentially an outdoor elliptical trainer. Unlike the StreetStrider and ElliptiGO, the Stridecore looks much more like a traditional bike, making it a little more street-friendly if you don't want to stand out. Also, the Stridecore features "Bio-Trans" technology that enables the user to adjust his or her stride length from 0" to 24".

This is especially nice if you want to adjust the focus of your workout, or if multiple users of varying heights will be using the Stridecore.

Price: $1,800 to $2,500

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Topping the list of "goofy looking," the GlideCycle certainly stands out, and not just because of its odd appearance. Unlike the other outdoor ellipticals on this list, where users place their feet onto pedals and follow a pre-determined elliptical track with each stride, the GlideCycle uses "body unweighted running." In other words, the user sits on a seat suspended between two wheels, then literally runs, powering the GlideCycle with each foot strike, but without the impact of traditional running.

You really do have to see it to believe it. The benefit is a completely natural stride length, and the ability to experience stride changes as terrain changes. The drawback is that the GlideCycle is downright crazy looking, so you might be too embarrassed to actually use it outside.

Price: $1,450 to $1,950

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