4 Trampoline Exercises to Get Your Heart Pumping

Jumping Fitness Harnesses the Fun of Trampoline Workouts

Jumping Fitness
Jumping Fitness

Jumping® Fitness is a dynamic trampoline-based training system that was first developed in Europe in 2001. Now, for the first time, I've brought this fast-paced, exciting workout to America, recently opening the nation's first studio in Redondo Beach, California.

Set to fast EDM music (think: hot, European dance club-style sound), the class uses specially developed Jumping® PROFI trampolines. The hexagonal shape, rubber ropes, and mesh surface are made to last while reducing noise, static and skid. At about 51-inches wide in any direction, the surface is large enough to allow a wide range of movements, enhancing the class' possibilities.

Each class is intense, but fun, combining fast and slow jumps, variations of traditional aerobic steps, dynamic sprints and power movements, akin to sports performance training. The workout is appropriate for all levels, as jumping height and speed can be adjusted based on your personal fitness capacity.

Even though trampoline exercises are similar to exercises performed in other fitness classes, because the trampoline's surface is springy, the benefits of the workout are somewhat different. For instance, while jogging on the ground is considered a high impact exercise, it's considered low impact on the trampoline. Likewise, because your body has to constantly make minute adjustments to the spring-like surface as you land and rebound, jumping helps develop core strength, balance, coordination, and stability. Not to mention, the workouts are stress-relieving and fun. Who doesn't like jumping on a trampoline?

For those not near Redondo Beach, CA, no worries! You can still jump right in. (Pun intended). Incorporate the following four exercises into your own home-based circuit, performing each exercise for a minute before progressing to the next one, continuing the circuit for 30 minutes. If you don't already have a home trampoline, the Jumping® Fitness trampoline is available for purchase and comes with a full-length workout DVD.

About the Author, Jakub Novotný

Jakub is a Jumping® Fitness master trainer and spokesperson for the company's United States branch,

Simple Jogging

Trampoline Jogging
Jumping Fitness

Everyone knows how to perform a simple jog, but the exercise offers more variations when using a trampoline. For instance, you can enjoy the low-impact exercise as usual, then once you become more confident, you can try more challenging modifications, such as isolating one side and jogging two to four times on a single leg.

While doing the single-leg isolations, engage your core and try to keep your body straight up to prevent yourself from leaning to the side.

Tip Toe Jumps

Trampoline Tip Toes
Jumping Fitness

Position yourself in the center of the trampoline and, alternating sides, bend your knees and lift each heel away from the mat. Try to keep the balls of your feet in contact with the trampoline at all times - don't move them forward.

This exercise can also be modified to a double jump, simply bouncing two times on each side before alternating.


Trampoline Rebound
Jumping Fitness

Start in the center of the trampoline with your feet together. Using both feet simultaneously, jump from the front of the trampoline to the back. Always land with your feet in the center of the trampoline (feet together) so you don't shorten the movement and make it easier. Don't forget to use your arms - they should extend out and in  - the same movement as your legs!

Squats and High Jumps

Trampoline Squat Jumps
Jumping Fitness

Strengthening your butt has never been easier! With the added balance challenge and reduced impact of the trampoline, you can do squats for longer, and with added benefit. Also, because a trampoline has a soft mat, you can perform high jumps, landing in a squat position again. This exercise is tough and your legs will tire quickly, but your butt will definitely get stronger!

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