Great Websites for Information About Asthma

Where Are You Looking For Information About Asthma?

Information About Asthma
Information About Asthma.

Asthma is one of the more common and widely known about chronic diseases in the United States, but many people who have heard of the ailment or know someone who suffers from Asthma don’t have a very good grasp of what the disease entails. But don’t worry; there’s a whole lot of good information on the internet about asthma, and you can learn just about everything you need to know about the disease through online resources.

While I think we provide great information, there are other great places to get asthma information.

Whether you need to educate a friend about asthma, or want to learn more about your own condition or asthma control, here are ten great sites to find information on the ailment. The first five sites will help you gain a straightforward textbook education about asthma, and the second five are more casual, fun filled resources from asthmatics and parents of asthmatics.

1. The CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is one of the preeminent authorities in the world about disease, and they have some great information about asthma on their website. Here, you can learn the basics about the disease, as well as some interesting facts and statistics about asthma in the U.S. You can point anyone here, from experts to those who know nothing about asthma.

2. The American Lung Association

The ALA has a wealth of information about everything lung related, so of course they have some great information about asthma on their site.

In addition to being a trusted resource, the American Lung Association has some great visuals about asthma and is updated often, so the information you get will be accessible and recent.

3. The Mayo Clinic

If you are looking for a textbook definition of asthma that isn’t too dense, but covers everything you need to know about the disease, the Mayo Clinic has you covered.

Their site has some very in-depth information to go alongside basic definitions, and it is a great resource to point people towards who are curious about the disease.

4. American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology

The information on the AAAAI’s site is a bit dense, but it is also incredibly well researched, and you will be able to find a lot more resources here to learn more about the nuances of the disease. This site might not be graphically appealing enough to recommend to children, but if you want an authoritative look at asthma, this is a great place to start.

5. Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

The landing page for asthma on the AAFA’s website is a bit underwhelming, but you can find a whole heap of links here to help you learn more about the disease. If you are hoping to learn everything there is to know about asthma, this site can help.

6. My Life as an Asthma Mom

This blog is written by a mother with asthma, who shares stories and tips based on her experience caring for her three asthmatic children.

If you are looking for information about asthma with a personal touch, and lot’s of practical advice for dealing with the disease, start here.

7. Asthma Girl

This blog, subtitled “Adventures in Thoracic Park,” recounts the daily struggles and epic journeys of “asthma girl,” a woman diagnosed with asthma as an adult who refuses to let the disease hold her back. There’s a lot of great information here about how asthma can disrupt your life, as well as lots of inspiring stories and beautiful photography.

8. The Antics of a Brittle Asthmatic

On this blog, you can get an inside look at what it’s like to live life as an asthmatic with a very intense case of the disease. The author recounts countless hospital visits and reflects on her struggles in her writing, and provides some unique information about what it’s really like to live with severe asthma.

9. Breathe In Stephen

Stephen, the author of this blog, worked for 30 years as a respiratory therapist before having to retire due to the stresses of his own asthma affliction. Now, he shares a very knowledgeable perspective on living with serious asthma, and all the things you can do to cope with the disease.


Like “Breathe in Stephen,” this blog blends a knowledgeable perspective with personal experience for information that is at once touching and very useful.  The author is a mom, asthma researcher, and doctor, and she teaches at Harvard as a professor as well, so you can bet the information here is very accurate and up to date.

Why Is It Important to Stay Informed?

Even if you think you know a lot about asthma, there is new information coming to light every day. By following the blogs above, and checking in on the more formal resources, you can stay up to date on your disease and learn everything you need to know to live the best life you can. 

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