10 Great Yoga Gifts Under $50

So you're short on cash but long on love for your yoga friends and family. Don't worry. You can still give them fun, meaningful, useful gifts without spending a lot, plus get some ideas for your own wish list. In addition to being budget friendly, we did out best to find gifts that give back to the environment and to global social justice. ​


Soma Glass water bottle in mint
Courtesy of Soma

The must-have accessory of the season is Soma's elegant and functional glass water bottle with bamboo cap and silicone sleeve. In addition to this cool mint, it comes in white, grey, and eggplant. The company makes a donation to promote clean drinking water projects with each sale. You may also want to consider Soma's beautiful glass carafe and plant-based filter. 



Tiny Devotions Presence Bracelet

Tiny Devotions Purple Presence Bracelet
Courtesy of Tiny Devotions

This beautiful bracelet makes a lot out of a little. A simple colored thread, a silver-dipped rudraksha seed, and a few silver accents are all it takes to make a lovely thing. Rudraksha seeds are often used to make up the 108 beads in mala necklaces. One size fits all since it's fully adjustable. It also comes in aqua with silver beads and turquoise with gold beads. 



Sudara Bhara Capri Pant
Paula Watts Photography

Sudara's Punjammies pants are more than just comfortable loungewear. The company was founded in order to give women who escape sex slavery in India the employment they need to improve their lives. There are so many colorful options, but we're partial to the marching elephants and contrasting patterns of the Bhara print.



Satya Silver Mini Lotus Necklace

Satya Classics Mini Lotus Necklace
Satya Classics Mini Lotus Necklace. Courtesy of Amazon.com

A very sweet, delicate sterling silver mini lotus charm on an 18 inch chain. Satya makes wonderful yoga-inspired jewelry, including this affordable piece. Through their non-profit organization, the Satya Foundation, donations are made to children's charities worldwide, so your gift will also help children in need. 



S'well 9oz Glitter Smokey Eye
Courtesy of Amazon.com

In the age of the growler, there's something undeniably appealing about this little 9oz water bottle from S'well. For one thing, it's perfect for a yoga class. It's also easy to tuck into your bag and refill as you go about your day, reducing your plastic use. After all, you don't really need to carry around a liter of water (unless you're hiking in the desert).



The Original Banana Guard

Banana Guard
Banana Guard. Image Courtesy of Aberrant Designs Inc.

Bananas make a great, natural snack, but by the time you dig one out of the bottom of your bag at the end of the day before heading over to yoga class, all you've got left is a blackened, mushy mess. Enter the Banana Guard! This little device can change your life, and will bring joy to all who receive it.


Prana Tote Mat Holder

Prana Tote Mat Holder
Prana Tote Mat Holder. Courtesy of Amazon.com

I tried a bunch of yoga mat straps and the Prana Tote Mat Holder is still my favorite. You can't see it, but there's a little padding in the strap, making this the most comfortable way to throw your mat over your shoulder without the unnecessary bulk of a bag. It comes in a few different appealing patterns.


Toesox Thigh High Leg Warmers

ToeSox Thigh High Legwarmers
ToeSox Thigh High Legwarmers. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Leg warmers are surprisingly functional, which is why they never went out of style in the dance world. They are also super fun to wear, so you've gotta go all out with this thigh-high, slouchy, ribbed, purple pair. There are other colors too if purple's not your thing. 


Barefoot Yoga Eye Pillow

Barefoot Yoga Eye Pillow
Barefoot Yoga Eye Pillow. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Eye pillows are so great for helping you relax and let go, especially when they are filled with flax seeds and scented with lavender as this one is. The covers are made from silk Indian sari fabrics in a range of beautiful, colorful designs. Perfect for the most relaxing savasana ever. 


Modern Boho Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Modern Boho Metallic Temporary Tattoos
Modern Boho Metallic Temporary Tattoos. Courtesy of Amazon.com

The Namaste collection of temporary flash tattoos from Modern Boho really has our number. These are super fun for yoga festivals or anytime you'd want to sport a no commitment golden elephant tattoo. 


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