Greg Everett

Greg Everett is the head coach of the national medalist weightlifting team, Catalyst Athletics; author of the most popular book on weightlifting in the world, Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches, and others; a national championships level competitive weightlifter (5th place finish at the 2014 USAW National Championships); masters national champion and masters American record holder in the clean & jerk; and writer, director, producer of the first and only documentary film on the sport of weightlifting the US, American Weightlifting.


Everett has been a professional coach or trainer for over 15 years. He is still a competitive weightlifter at the national level and the head coach of one of the most well-known weightlifting teams in the US. He co-owned the fourth of the now 10,000+ CrossFit affiliate gyms with Robb Wolf, CrossFit NorCal, and was a coach for CrossFit certifications. He now runs Catalyst Athletics in Sunnyvale, CA, primarily a weightlifting gym, but also with fitness and strength & conditioning programs.


Everett is a USA Weightlifting senior coach, and has formerly held the NSCA CSCS, RKC and Level 3 CrossFit certification. He now runs and creates the curriculum for the Catalyst Athletics weightlifting coach certification program.

Greg Everett

I'd rather be the one creating things for others to criticize than the one criticizing what others have created.


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