5 Gross Chores Your Tween Should be Doing

5 Gross Chores Your Tween Should be Doing

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Many parents know that tweens should be helping out around the house by completing a few family chores. But tweens are up to more than even their parents may know. Don't let your tween off the hook when it comes to tackling those nasty chores -- there are a few unpleasant chores your child is capable of managing, including the ones below.

Cleaning the Refrigerator

Everyone eats, therefore everyone must help clean the kitchen.

In many families, the refrigerator is often a place where foods go to die and turn into unrecognizable science experiments. An occasional cleaning is a must and frankly, a safety necessity. Your tween should be old enough now to methodically clean out your refrigerator, identifying foods that have gone bad or are past their expiration date. If your child has good organizational skills, she should also be able to help make the most of your refrigerator space. 

Cleaning the Microwave

The microwave is often a best friend to a hungry tween, and in many homes, it may even be the most used and loved appliance. If your tween is old enough to use the microwave without your help, he's old enough to clean it and keep it clean. Be sure your child knows that he should wipe down the microwave with a damp towel or sponge after every use, to make cleaning it easier and less frequent. A weekly cleaning should always be in order.

However you decide to clean your appliance is a personal decision, just be sure your child knows your preference so he can help out.

Cleaning up Pet Vomit/Pet Stains

The family pet is truly everyone's responsibility and that means that the care and feeding of your dog, cat or other animal should also be a part of your child's daily routine.

If your child isn't feeding and watering your pets, it's time to get her to help out. It's also time for your child to take on some of the more unpleasant duties of pet ownership, including cleaning up after a pet has thrown up or had an accident in the house. If your tween doesn't know how to properly use your clean up products, be sure to explain.

Unclogging the Toilet

It's not a task anyone wants to take on, but every now and then it's a necessity. Your child is old enough to know how to use a toilet plunger. Demonstrate the next time you have to take on this plumbing chore, so that your tween knows the proper way to use the plunger and that he can't keep flushing and flushing hoping for the best. You might want to be on hand the first time your child takes this chore on, just to make sure he's got it right, and you're not left with an even bigger problem.

Removing Dryer Lint

Many tweens either do their own laundry or help out with laundry chores. That means they should also be helping keep your dryer safe and working at its best by cleaning out the dryer lint trap. If your child is a tad on the short side it may be difficult for her to reach the trap, depending on where it's located on your dryer.

But a footstool will solve that problem easily. Give your tween a quick demonstration on quick and effect lint removal and then let your child take over the job.

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