Guide To Moving Your Child To A New School

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Whether you are moving across town or across the country, there are several steps for parents to take when placing their child in a new school.  Use this guide to make sure you cover the steps necessary for you to get your child moved to into a new school, successfully.

1  If your move is sudden and the result of an economic hardship, your child may have special rights under the Mckinney Vento Act.

 Check out this article about keeping your child's current school and your child's rights to enroll in a new school in this trying situation. 

2 If you have a little time, you can start to do online research to find the best school's for your children.  Often, school choice is really determined by where you live.  Researching the quality of schools in an area is a great way to decide whether you want to move your family to a particular place at all.  Look at this list of websites for online research to get started.

3  If you need some ideas of what questions to answer when doing your online research of various cities and communities, this list of six questions can help to whittle the community list down by answering questions about what choices are available to parents and families.

4 If you know which community you are looking at, then you need to evaluate the actual schools available to your children.

Whether you want to compare schools or get to know the only school available to children in the area, here are five more questions to get to know a local school before you move to your new location.

5  Visiting a school will let you learn about a school in a way that you just can't get from the internet and paper research.

 A first hand visit will give you a real feel for the school.  You will see first hand what your child will see when they attend that school.  Get some ideas of what to look for here.

6  Once you know the school, it is time to enroll your child there.  Each school has a list of required documents that they need to enroll your child.  These five items are sure to be on that list.  Be sure to have them available for your child's enrollment.

7  When your child begins at their new school it is time for you to meet their new teacher.  Get a great start to the new parent-teacher relationship right with the tips outlined here.

8 Find ways to be a part of the new community.  Getting involved in your child's school will open doors for you to meet other parents, learn about your new community, and show your child that education and school success are important.  Get some ideas on how you can be involved here.

9 Find out about the schools Parent Organziation.  Does the school have a PTA or PTO?  What does the PTA/PTO do at your child's school?

 Learn about the parent organization at your child's new school to see if this is an organization you want to belong to.

10  By now you have learned a great deal about your child's new school.  Maybe you already have looked into extracurricular activities for your child.  These activities are a great way to help your child develop a new peer group and to have something fun and enjoyable to look forward to at their new school.

11.  Finally, make sure you know where to get help if your child begins to struggle with their school assignments.  American's move around more today than at any time in our nation's history, and schools do make an effort to help children adjust to their new schools. Still, some children will need a little extra help while getting used to their new community or to fill in academic gaps between curriculum from attending different schools.  Watch for signs that your child is struggling.  Take steps to help your child get back on track if they need help.

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