What's Happening to Your Body in the First Trimester?

Woman smiling at pregnancy test.
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Signs of Pregnancy and Pregnancy Symptoms

The signs of pregnancy can start really early. Some women find that their missed period is the first sign that they are pregnant and take a pregnancy test. Others find out that pregnancy symptoms can be very strange and not at all what they expected.

    Prenatal Care

    Most women feel the need to be seen early in pregnancy by their doctor or midwife. Though many find that the first prenatal visit doesn't happen until between 8 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. (If you have complications, you should still call your practitioner.) Your first prenatal visit is usually the longest because they take a complete social and medical history. You may have blood work done, a urinalysis, and possibly an ultrasound. You will also be given a due date.

    Fetal Development

    From sperm and egg to the completely formed baby at the end of the first trimester - your baby's grown in these couple of months is nothing short of amazing. After the egg and sperm join, the cells rapidly grow, and the internal organs including the heart, brain, lungs and kidneys form and grow.

    Your baby's heart begins to beat very early on and he or she grows arms, legs, and other parts.

    Your Growing Body

    While your body doesn't actually show to the average person, the changes that you feel in your body are really drastic.

    From morning sickness and exhaustion to strange food cravings and other "fun" changes of pregnancy.

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