Guides and Pictures of the 3rd Trimester

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Pregnancy Symptoms

The last trimester is full of interesting pregnancy symptoms. You may experience things like leg cramps, back aches and heart burn. These are very normal, though not fun. As you get closer to the end of pregnancy you may wonder about the signs of labor and when you will have your baby.

Prenatal Care

As you begin the third trimester, you will start to see your midwife or doctor more frequently.

At first your visits will occur every other week and finally weekly until your baby is born.

Fetal Development

Your baby is busy getting ready to be born. Preterm labor is still a risk, but your baby’s chances of survival increase with every week of gestation. Your baby will work hard to deposit brown fat to help keep her warm after birth. She will also work very hard on maturing her lungs. Fingernails extend beyond the tips at the end of pregnancy and most of the body hair is gone.

Your Growing Body

Yes, your body is growing! You may now see stretch marks and wonder if you can get any bigger. Yes you can! Most women will measure about 40 cms from their pubic bone to the top of the uterus by the end.

Though every belly looks different.

Labor and Birth

The big day is finally in site! You may have a lot of questions about labor and birth. Hopefully your childbirth class answered a lot of them. Be sure to ask other questions of your midwife, doctor, doula, or the staff of your place of birth.

Good luck!

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