Hair Fun for Tween Girls

Fun things your tween can do with her hair

Hair accessories are a must have for tween girls.

Growing up can be a lot of fun, especially for a girl. If your tween daughter is ready to embrace the fun of getting older, she might be ready to experiment with her hair. Even girls who never much cared for their hair or how it looked might want a change, or to try something completely out of character. If your tween daughter is interested in having a little bit of hair fun, the ideas below will help her get started.


Hair Fun for Tween Girls

Embrace Color: Changing hair color is one of the easiest ways to experiment with your look, and fortunately there are many temporary dyes that will allow you to change your hair for only a short time. Ask your hairdresser for suggestions on temporary dyes, or consider using hair chalk as a way to add color without the commitment. There are also online tutorials that will help your daughter find a color that's best for her complexion and eye color. Do the research and have a little fun.

Try a Wig: Wigs are a fun and easy way to try a different look without any commitment. If your daughter simply wants to see what she would look like as a blonde, or with long curly hair, a wig will satisfy her curiosity. You can find wigs at many discount retailers and also at hair supply stores. Costume stores will offer wigs in a variety of colors and textures.

Load Up on Accessories: Your daughter can't have any fun without the proper accessories and tools.

Load up on hair accessories like bobby pins, head bands, ponytail holders, scrunchies, and pretty clips. Flat irons, curling irons, a hair dyer and hair products like gel and hair spray will also be necessary. Be sure to use what you already have before purchasing more. For example, fabric scraps can be turned into hair scarves or hair ribbons.

Check out your dress up drawers to see if there are any accessories that your daughter can use or recycle into something new.

Search for Ideas: Your tween and her friends will have plenty of ideas on what they want to do with their hair, but if they need a few suggestions there are numerous websites and tutorials online that will help them learn how to braid, and decorate their hair. Pinterest is a wonderful site that's full of hair ideas along with step-by-step tutorials on how to achieve the look. is another place to go for ideas. 

Go Natural: The natural look can be both beautiful and fashionable. Allow your tween to braid flowers into her hair, or create a flower crown. She can use real or silk flowers, depending on what you have available. Also, a trip to the dollar store for flowers, craft glue and bobby pins will allow your tween to make her own girly hair accessories. 

Step Back in Time: Your daughter can have a lot of fun trying to recreate the hairstyles from the past.

Ask her to research hairstyles from different decades or centuries, and then see if she and her friends can duplicate them. Be sure to take photos or a video to share and watch afterwards. You could even have a hair fashion show -- with awards for the winners in each category.

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